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You’re nonetheless in time to be a part of the primary organizational wellbeing rating in Latin America

Globally, the trend in employment performance has shifted from a competitiveness issue to the benefit of the workforce. Dentalia will award a special prize in the Heroine Companies ranking.

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15, 2020

4 min read

This article has been translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

Did you know that companies that strive for the well-being, stability, and career goals of their employees are up to four times more productive? This is stated in Mercer's annual report, Global Talent Trends 2020. Therefore, ensuring the emotional, dental, physical, psychological, spiritual and financial balance of employees is a major challenge today, which has a decisive impact on the success and productivity of companies.

Globally, the trend in employment performance has shifted from being a matter of competitiveness for the benefit of the workforce. In Mexico, 99% of Individual Major Medical Expense (GMMI) guidelines have a dental benefit. Dentalia, the leading private dental group in the country in collaboration with the consulting company LIVE 13.5 °, is jointly launching the Dental Wellness Award, a special remuneration that will be added to the service portfolio and the recognition for companies and project sponsors who participate in the ranking of Heroine companies, whose application deadline is December 15th.

This special award is intended to reward and promote companies and sponsors who promote the improvement of oral well-being in their environment. This practice is of great importance as 95% of Mexicans suffer from some type of dental disease and the average visit to the dentist in the country is once every six years, showing that Mexico still has tremendous needs for prevention and attention to dental health consists.

In addition to the dental award, the company that took first place can take part in HR Day at Harvard 2021 and receives a scholarship for two in the Gross Global Happiness at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. and the World Happiness Foundation will give it the World Happiness Award. The Heroine Promotories also receive physical recognition, they take part in the award ceremony (virtual or face to face), they receive the Heroine Promotory Seal.

Register at Photo: EmpresasHeroinas.

“For the first time, we have the opportunity to analyze, measure, and reward the work of companies and promoters who are constantly looking for the best dental benefit to protect people's health. This data will allow us to know and understand deeply and deeply the new trends in work performance in the dental services market and, therefore, to further our strategies in placing dental plans, a sector where we are leading and aiming to grow to strengthen by 20% at the end of this year despite the pandemic, ”commented Juan Anduaga, Director of Innovation and Strategic Alliances at Dentalia.

“A company that cares for its employees in its DNA is a company with a heart and purpose that manages to be resilient, positive and productive through the application of strategies of wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, it is a company that deserves to be recognized as a hero in a ranking that is developed under a more human vision, inspired by organizational happiness and strengthening universal values ​​in the world of work, ”said Nancy Martínez, General Manager of LIVE 13 , 5 °.

In April 2021, the final results and names of the Heroine Companies and Promotories will be announced. In Mexico, Entrepreneur will be the enlightening medium for ranking the Heroine Companies, while El Asegurador newspaper will announce Heroine Promotions. To register for the ranking, nominate a company or learn more about this great initiative, visit:

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