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Would you wish to turn out to be an animator and increase your creativity? Right here is how.

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19, 2021

2 min read

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Did you notice that animation seems to be everywhere these days? From television commercials for big brands to digital ads, pressure sensitive adhesives and much more, animation is no longer just reserved for children's films. One reason for this is that it is often significantly cheaper to pay as an actor and set up an entire film set to record a product ad. If you are a talented artist, learning animation can help you capitalize on this trend.

Freelance animators make an average of $ 73,000 a year when they work independently and in their own spare time. Not a bad sideline, is it? Find out in the learning package for digital art and animation designers what it takes to become a digital artist and animation designer yourself.

This six-course package gives you 16 hours of training in some of today's most important animation programs, from Adobe XD to After Effects to Vyond and more. You will learn from teachers such as UI / UX designer, Aleksandar Cucukovic (4.5 / 5 teacher), motion designer, Abdullah Yildiz (4.4 / 5 teacher) and the international Amazon bestseller Sean Thompson (4.8 / 5). .

Whether you want to work on animating website user experiences, creating characters for social media, or practically anything else, this bundle has you covered with a crash course. You'll learn how to animate in Adobe XD, create 2D characters in Vyond, and even learn how to use Apple's Keynote to create animated logos, gifs, and more. Before you know it, you will understand how to use both advanced and free, readily available tools to create animation for all types of media. By the end of the course, you will be well on your way to building your own side business.

Turn your creativity into something lucrative and productive. Currently, the digital art and animation designer learning package is available for just $ 14.99.

Subject to price changes.

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