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30, 2020

2 min read

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It is absolutely vital that your web pages are at the top of Google search results if you are looking to grow your business. More than 70 percent of organic search traffic goes to the first page, the vast majority of that going to the first three entries. If you don't rank for the things your company does well, you are most likely missing out on potential customers.

But no, you don't have to hire an expensive SEO agency to completely overhaul your business. You can do it yourself after spending some time on this SEO Blueprint Course Bundle.

This eight-course 21-hour package can teach you everything you need to know to improve your page ranking. The courses are taught by John Shea, an entrepreneur, podcaster and blogger who hosts the online marketing show Voices of Marketing. He started out marketing online as a sideline but now it has become his life and he loves sharing his knowledge with other aspiring marketers.

Here's how to identify your most promising keywords, keep your website technically up to date and better equipped to rank on Google, and how to improve your domain authority through backlinking. There's even a course on YouTube SEO and SEO for small business with a local presence.

Whether you're a growing web-based company marketing to people around the world or a mom and pop store looking to attract more people in the neighborhood, a good SEO strategy can help. The # 1 SEO Blueprint in the Google Course Bundle will help your business grow and is available now for just $ 29.99.

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