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To celebrate and recognize how our Minters are reaching their financial milestones, we reached out to everyday Mint users like you to share their stories.

We connected with Becca, a 27-year-old New York-based private finance entrepreneur, to find out more about her journey with Mint! Check it out below.

I've always loved personal finance and recently started my own brand to help other women learn about finance, too. When it comes to my trip with Mint, I've been using it since 2015 to set and manage my budgets, and I check the app every day to categorize my new transactions. And that's actually one of my favorite things about the Mint app – it automatically shows my transactions so I can quickly categorize them and see how they are affecting my budget.

I usually open Mint when I wake up in the morning or before work and look at my recent transactions to make sure they are in the correct categories and then see how that affects my overall budget. So you always know quickly and easily where I am. It also helps to be able to see all of my transactions from different accounts in one place so I can check that there are no transactions that weren't mine! You always have to check if it is a scam!

I also use Mint's trending feature to see how my spending has changed over time. Lifestyle creep can affect us all (as our incomes rise, we end up spending more instead of saving more). I love to look back and see how my expenses have changed over time to identify all areas of the lifestyle that I might want to rule.

One of my financial goals is to constantly try to grow my net worth so that as I get older I can have as many options as I want. If I want to retire early, I want the financial freedom to do so. If I want to keep working and leading a lavish lifestyle, I want that opportunity. I want to have as many options as possible, which means I need to save as much as possible now. Mint helps me make sure I keep my spending in check to make this happen.

Mint has consistently helped me with this goal and one of my milestones is that I recently reached a net worth of $ 300,000! I could never have done this without Mint helping me start my financial journey and keeping an eye on my budgets.

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Annemarie Belda (25 posts)

Annemarie Belda is communications manager at Intuit Mint. She is passionate about helping readers achieve their financial goals, from opening a savings account to gaining financial freedom.

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