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Why management is nothing greater than an optical phantasm

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While more and more people want to reach their potential, explore their senses and enjoy their creativity to the fullest, many of us grew up in a society that insists on dictating how things "should be". They compulsively tell us how to dress, how to think, what steps they think we should take to be happy, who we should like, and they even define whether what we do makes us successful will lead or not.

Fortunately, these rules no longer apply to everyone. Every day there are more people who dare to break the plans by choosing to carry out projects that they believe in and are very passionate about. And while I was pondering this issue, I asked myself the following question: "What has led [us] to make such an important decision in life?" And I kept coming to the same conclusion that they let go of control [we let go] of everything they made us believe we could control.

Trust that there are people who are as good as you and even better.

In the world of work and entrepreneurship, you need to remember that humility is a quality not everyone possesses, but which is undoubtedly a great differentiator. Not only does this put you in perspective on any situation, but it also allows you to appreciate everything you can learn from other people, whether they have less or more experience than you.

And that's where learning comes in, letting go of control, huh? Trust that there are many people you can believe in and with whom you can expand, share, and strengthen your own knowledge.

Accept that you cannot do everything

How many times has it happened to you that you say to yourself or to someone else, "Yes, I can handle this too." Or the typical: "You tell me what to do and I will do it." Even if you know very well that you are already saturated with pending meetings or deliveries. And when you say yes, lightly and slowly imagine the invisible rope and squeeze your neck.

Why are we doing this Because while we can do many things, sometimes even more than we think, one has to accept that sometimes it is not possible to become an octopus. And you know what? Nothing happens!

Often times I have found myself in a situation where, like you, I feel that the hours of the day are not reaching me. In this type of situation, one becomes frustrated and tired of seeing that no matter how far you go, you can continue to drive at a snail's pace. And here I reiterate how important it is to dare to let go of control, to want to do everything, and that it all turns out well.

This is exactly where you need to be responsible and careful enough to calculate your times correctly so that you don't have to work late and get better rest and get up earlier to continue. Breathe, good organization is important in order not to have the feeling that everything is for "now". In the end, you will find that you can, but to achieve this you will need to make several adjustments.

Also remember, if you don't let go of control of everything that happens in your company, you will end up in the hated "micromanagement" and this is a difficult problem to get out of. You can read my article The Dark Side of Micromanagement here.

Learn to delegate responsibilities

Rather than believing that delegating will take away your credit or steal the limelight, see this opportunity as the right time for others to take responsibility.

There are many people who want to do everything themselves to be able to say that they were the ones who did "so" or "so". However, sometimes it says a lot more about a person to make a team work. Therefore, delegating responsibilities is also part of letting go of control and trust that there are other people who can add to your knowledge and enrich your experience.

And finally, let me ask you the following question: What do you think is the engine that drives our desire to control everything? Think about it for a few seconds.

Control is effectively an illusion based on fear. Fear that someone else is not doing "as well as you". Fear that things will "go wrong" because of someone else. And even fear of discovering someone else is better than you. And here is my final question.

And isn't it worth discovering people who are better than you to enrich your business and your own knowledge? Ultimately, your business depends on contacts, teams and knowing how to let go, delegate and take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves.

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