Who's Who of Biden's Monetary Regulators (to date)

WASHINGTON – President Biden has made some progress in fulfilling the urgent task of appointing his financial oversight team, particularly Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Aside from Yellen, who was approved by the Senate in January, the administration has filled a sizable section of the political team by announcing candidates pending approval. These include recommendations for running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Small Business Administration, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

But the roster is still in progress. It remains to be seen who the White House will appoint to control the currency. Former finance officer Michael Barr was initially the leading contender, but some report the government is now leaning on legal scholar Mehrsa Baradaran.

Meanwhile, some Trump administration officials have not yet finished their terms in office.

Here is a summary of the status of the leadership of the financial regulators, including who the administration has already nominated or is expected to nominate.

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