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The Current State of Retailers / Investors: Amid the Global Pandemic …

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13, 2021

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The current situation of retailers / investors:

Amid the global pandemic, economic uncertainty and general market volatility, a new generation of retailers / investors has been born!

Today 15% of all current retailers / investors started trading / investing in 2020. These new traders / investors are known as "Generation Investors" and were initially geared primarily towards short-term gains. This “YOLO” and / or “Swing for the Fences” trading mentality had costly consequences for these new traders / investors.

Today the same “generation of investors” thinks in the longer term. In fact, according to a recent survey by Schwab, only 28% of new traders / investors would stick to or repeat the same "YOLO" strategy that helped them win and lose big in 2020.

Why is that important?

72% of new retailers / investors now want to "play the long game", i.e. they want to participate in the stock market in the long term and not just "get rich quick"!

This is BIG news because often “new money” comes on the market, “blows itself up” which means that they lose all of their money and never trade again.

For the first time ever, we are seeing an EXCEPTIONALLY large number of people come into the market and realize that the stock market is NOT a casino or a trick to get rich quick!

The secret is out!

Being able to consistently make money on the stock market, whether you are trading or investing, is the real way to bridge the gap between the top 1% and EVERYONE ELSE!

The lie is dead!

Becoming a successful trader / investor does NOT require a lot of money to get started and it is possible and likely for those with a full time job or busy schedule.

What now?

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