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Whenever you use these advertising ways, you’re violating your model's credibility

You need good marketing to grow sales in your company, so have a solid strategy in place.

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5, 2021

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Entrepreneurs are always hungry for new clients and growth strategies that work. The online gurus know this, so they use marketing tactics based on emotional triggers to convince executives to buy their courses or services. These questionable marketing tactics usually result in refund requests, chargebacks, and consumers who stop doing business with them.

Even if you provide something of value, the way you market it will have an impact on your sales, depending on your approach. When building your marketing strategy, avoid these three commonly used marketing tactics as they will tie you into a culture of office marketing and online gurus. Consider another approach before these tactics detail your business growth.

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1. View sales screenshots.

It is common these days for business owners to view screenshots of Stripe or PayPal earnings on social media or even on their websites. There is no doubt that consumers are drawn to sales and big numbers. But it's a toxic marketing strategy – it can generate sales in the short term, but it will knock off high-end customers and more prospects in the long run.

Consumers who purchase based on sales screenshots are typically in a difficult financial position and need to generate revenue quickly. They are unable to focus on what it takes to do the job that drives sales, and they end up disappointed when they buy from suspicious marketing.

True wealth and growth do not advertise themselves. Have you ever seen business leaders like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Oprah posting revenue screenshots? The results your customers are experiencing are a better way to market your business. Post solid content and promote cold prospects. Break away from guru marketing by relentlessly focusing on serving your customers.

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2. Share customer profits without assignment.

Have you ever seen a business owner report on customers who get X results but they never name or tag the customers? The customers they post about may well make a profit, but in a world of guru marketing, the consumer is skeptical.

Some customers prefer to stay private and not share their information – that's understandable. But more than a few of your customers would appreciate a shout-out. You have customers who are comfortable with you sharing their profits. The only way to know for sure is to ask.

The goal is to show what your company offers, and you can do it by sharing your customers' results and testimonials. Get permission whenever possible – don't just share profits that don't seem real to cold consumers.

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3. Marketing results from years ago.

Over the years you've built a business, you will undoubtedly achieve success. You'll get results that consumers and colleagues will want to know more about. In marketing, your goal is to prove that your philosophy works – mainly by marketing the results that you and your customers have achieved.

However, growth-minded entrepreneurs remain at the forefront of their industries. You get no result and market those profits for years without working on further results. It is acceptable to market the results you've had in the past, but ask yourself if you are continuing to do the work that will help you grow.

When cold prospects find that your marketing results are old, they will be stopped from doing business with you. Consumers want to do business with industry leaders, and you become a leader by constantly refining the work you put into your craft. One of the best ways to grow a business is to do the work that optimizes your personal growth. Make a commitment to become the best at what you do.

If you want to increase sales in your company, you need good marketing. However, there is a way to market your business more authentically. Avoid tactics that work for a while but ultimately hurt your brand's credibility.

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