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WhatsApp already permits you to enter group calls and video calls even when they’ve began, that is the way it works

Previously, if you've ignored the invitation to a group call, you couldn't join later, but now you can use WhatsApp to join the video calls while they're still in progress.

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20, 2021

3 minutes read

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WhatsApp made a change to improve its users' group calling and video calling experience. The platform now enables guests to enter this at any time during processing and not only at the time of receiving the notification, which was previously not possible.

If you previously ignored the group call invitation, WhatsApp prevented you from joining later. Now,. the conference remains openly accessible with direct access in the WhatsApp chats and you can "leave and re-enter whenever you want" for the duration of the communication and as long as the participants do not withdraw the invitation.

“Today we're introducing a new feature that lets you join a group call even after it's started. The ability to join a call later takes the pressure off of having to answer the group call right from the start. It also makes group calls on WhatsApp as spontaneous and easy as a face-to-face conversation, ”says Mark Zuckerberg's messaging app on his blog.

NO MORE FOMO. You'll never miss a group call because you weren't on the phone fast enough! With connectable calls on WhatsApp, you can join an ongoing call at any time!

– WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) July 19, 2021

“We also created a screen that contains information about the call: it shows who is already on the call and who has been invited to join but has not yet joined. And even if you click on & # 39; Ignore & # 39; click, you can join later via the call tab in WhatsApp, ”explained WhatsApp.

To use this feature, you must have the latest WhatsApp update and start the call or video call regularly. Simply select up to seven people to send them an invitation to attend, which they can accept or ignore. Before entering, everyone will see the list of attendees and other invited contacts who have not yet responded, and any user can join the conversation at any time while it is active.

This is the first major change WhatsApp has made to its video calling service since April 2020 when the capacity was expanded to eight participants. However, the platform has made other interesting changes that are conquering users such as the reunion of the photos that disappear again, the multi-device mode, the ability to change the time to send messages, and the new "disappearance mode" ". .

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