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What you must know when mapping your advertising and marketing technique for 2021

15, 2021

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Marketers in almost every industry have been forced to throw away their game books in 2020 due to the global health crisis. People's daily lives were changing, so brands had to try new things to reach the deadlocked audience at home. Not surprisingly, Internet video was the best channel for capturing an increasingly online audience.

Data from Voices supports this claim, showing 199% growth in this category in 2020. According to the Voices 2021 annual trend report, videos are the fastest growing projects for creative people. Many people have more time to consume video content because they work, live, and play at home. As marketers adapt their strategies to the needs and behaviors of their target audiences, they are creating more competition than ever in the digital world.

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As a business owner, you may think you need expensive video ads to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that five other digital marketing strategies are affordable and successful:

Creating blogs Running social media accounts Sending newslettersPublishing reportsStarting podcasts

Buffer reported that 73% of social media marketing campaigns were either "somewhat effective" or "very effective".

This year you can find out which digital marketing channels and strategies will work for your company. But don't base your decisions on current trends. This can lead to lackluster and superficial results. Instead, align your marketing decisions with your business goals and use these three tips to guide you along the way.

1. Be consistent, but leave room for experimentation

Creating routine content is the first way you can build a larger audience. Post and update your audience regularly and always listen and respond to feedback. When people know their voices are heard and respected, they are more likely to interact with your brand. That way, you can build a following – and eventually build a community.

Although your pace should be consistent, the content should not be consistent. Experiment to see what your audience clicks. For example, the Greenies brand, which treats dogs, tried a different approach to their advertising with a fun voice-over ad.

You can also use audience-generated ideas to capitalize on existing engagement opportunities. For example, TikTok users envisioned a potential Broadway musical based on the animated film Ratatouille. So many people jumped on the #RatatouilleTheMusical movement that Disney officially held a fundraiser. Learning is part of creating content. So don't be afraid to take a different approach.

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2. Focus on a few selected marketing channels

Identify which channels are most effective for you and which ones offer growth opportunities. You don't have to master every digital marketing channel available. If you divide your attention across multiple platforms or media, you may under-distribute your creativity and efforts.

Instead, apply the 80/20 principle. Invest 80% of your time in one or two marketing channels that are getting the most engagement and conversions. Spend the other 20% of your time on new features or experimental channels with potential.

Most marketers typically pick one or two social media channels that best suit their brand and audience. When you consider that the average internet user surfs social media 142 minutes a day, according to a survey by GlobalWebIndex, there is sure to be at least one platform your audience will prefer.

When your brand is getting the most success on Twitter, you may want to look for channels or features that go well with your main strategy. For example, YouTube videos are a popular addition to tweets, and voice tweets are a great way to speak directly to your audience.

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3. Become a subject matter expert and present your knowledge

Years ago, Malcolm Gladwell popularized the idea that if you invest 10,000 hours in that particular area, you can become an expert in a certain area. The current belief that Josh Kaufman popularized in his book The First 20 Hours and the viral TED Talk is that it only takes 20 hours to become an expert. You may not think you are an expert, but you do have unique experiences, insights, and advice that can increase your marketing efforts. According to Aberdeen, content marketing executives enjoy 7.8 times more web traffic than content marketing followers.

Write about the topics you love most and cite authoritative sources that will add credibility to you. Blog posts are the easiest place to start as they help you express ideas without restrictions (e.g. word count, image dimensions, audio file specifications, etc.). Blogs are also an easy way to collaborate. You can ask for quotes from colleagues or customers to make sure more people read and share your content. If you start out with great blog content, there are various other channels that you can use that material to use.

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Congratulations if your 2020 marketing efforts have seen your organization through a turbulent year! However, don't party too long. With vaccines distributed around the world and customer optimism reaching new heights, you should be pursuing the right marketing strategies for the months to come.


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