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What it’s best to know concerning the new Chase Freedom Flex Card

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On September 14, 2020, Chase introduced the Chase Freedom Flex, a new credit card with no annual fee. The Chase Freedom Flex card was introduced to replace the original Chase Freedom card, which is no longer available to new applicants. The Chase Freedom Unlimited card, another Chase credit card with no annual fee, is still available.

In this Chase Freedom Flex review, we're taking a look at this new card. We'll be reviewing the welcome bonus, earnings percentages, and other benefits. In this article, we're also going to look at a few other benefits and how to get the most out of the Chase Freedom Flex card.

Chase Freedom Flex Welcome Bonus and Earnings Quotas

The Chase Freedom Flex offers a welcome bonus that will earn you $ 200 after spending $ 500 on your card in the first three months of receiving the card. Plus, get 5% cashback at grocery stores (excluding Walmart and Target) for the first 12 months with a maximum of $ 12,000 spent.

In addition to the grocery bonus for the first 12 months, the Chase Freedom Flex earns:

5% cashback on the first $ 1500 spent in rotating quarterly bonus categories.
5% cashback on trips booked through
3% cashback in drugstores
3% cashback in restaurants, including take-away and authorized delivery service
1% cashback on all other purchases

Other benefits of the Chase Freedom Flex card

The Chase Freedom Flex card offers several other advantages. You get a free subscription service for the DoorDash Dash Pass. This translates into unlimited shipping costs of $ 0 and reduced service fees for orders over $ 12. Get 5% cashback on Lyft rides through March 2022.

Another benefit of the Chase Freedom Flex card is the protection of the cell phone. When you pay your monthly cell phone bill with your Freedom Flex card, you can get up to $ 800 per claim for cell phone protection against insured theft or damage. You can make up to two claims per year for a total of $ 1000, and each claim has a deductible of $ 50.

Combine your Ultimate Rewards points with other Chase accounts

Although the Welcome Bonus and Earnings Odds with the Chase Freedom Flex card are marketed as cashback, you actually receive Chase Ultimate Rewards points. If you only have the Chase Freedom Flex card, you can redeem your Ultimate Rewards at a rate of 1 cent per point. You cannot transfer your Ultimate Rewards points to Chase's hotel and airline transfer partners with just the Freedom Flex card.

However, if you have a Premium Chase card such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Ink Preferred card, you can combine your Ultimate Rewards points across accounts. This can be very beneficial for two reasons. First, the option to transfer your points to travel partners such as United Airlines, Marriott Bonvoy or Southwest Rapid Rewards will be activated. When you redeem your Ultimate Rewards points for travel, you will receive a bonus of 25% or 50% on the value of your points.

How to get the most out of the Freedom Flex card

The first thing you want to do to get the most out of your Freedom Flex card is to make it your one stop shop at the grocery store. 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent make the Freedom Flex one of the best the best cards for grocery spending. You should also make sure that you keep an eye on the quarterly bonus categories and use your card which gives you 5% cashback every quarter.

To redeem the Ultimate Rewards points you receive from the Chase Freedom Flex card, you will also need a Premium Chase credit card to get the most from your points. With only the Freedom Flex card, your Ultimate Rewards points are worth just 1 cent per point. With a card like the Sapphire Reserve, your points would be worth 1.5 cents per point – a 50% bonus. With a Premium Chase Card, you can also transfer your Ultimate Rewards to Chase's hotel and airline travel partners, unlocking even more value.

How to get the new Chase Freedom Flex card

The Chase Freedom Flex card will be available to new applicants starting September 14, 2020. Chase has an application rule (called 5/24) that if you have five or more new credit cards from a bank in the past 24 months, you will not be eligible for new Chase cards. If you have applied for more than five cards in the past two years, you will not be eligible for a new Freedom Flex card.

If so, the only way to get a new Chase Freedom Flex card is to change a product from a different Chase credit card. Chase has informed us that you can only make one product change from the old Chase Freedom cards. Product changes from other Chase credit cards are not permitted, at least initially. If you have the old Chase Freedom card, switching to Freedom Flex makes sense for most people. The Freedom Flex card has the same quarterly bonus categories of 5% as the old Freedom card and also earns bonus points in restaurants, drug stores and when traveling. The only downside to product changes is that you miss out on the $ 200 welcome bonus that comes with new card approvals.

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