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What Is 360 Advertising and marketing And What Can It Do For You?

8, 2021

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In high school, my friends got mall jobs that made them unhappy. I didn't want to do anything I hated, so I started my career as a freelance editor at a young age. I quickly realized that I could do more than just edit, so I added copywriting to the list of services I offered as a freelancer.

One of my clients said, "I really love your writing, but can you make it SEO-friendly?" I had absolutely no idea what it was, so I started doing SEO research, took some classes, and learned how to make my writing SEO friendly. Without knowing what 360 marketing is, I unwittingly started my journey into the industry.

I'm a tech freak: I love trying out every new gadget and every new social media platform. I love to challenge myself on these platforms and acquire new skills. As a Zilenial, I was on social media wondering if there was any way I could get my skills in this area working. I learned how to incorporate SEO into my social media posts and how to create social media campaigns and editorial calendars.

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Composition of the team

As a sole proprietorship, I offered editing, copywriting, SEO optimization and social media management services. I realized I had more clients than I could handle on my own, so I started assembling my team of professionals with skills that complemented my own.

I put together my dream team comprised of some of the most brilliant editors, copywriters, SEO experts, and social media managers I've met on social media, at school, and at industry networking events. I have found talented people from North America, South America and Europe who have helped me realize my dream business. Although we work completely remotely from different time zones, we work seamlessly together to provide the best service to our customers. I felt at ease and knew we could keep growing.

I quickly realized that building this team was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I want to emphasize the importance of delegating your work and allowing experts to do what they do best. We may feel like supermen who can do everything ourselves, but we never have to. Several team members introduced me to new project management software, organizational methods and wonderful ideas for social media content.

Adding additional services

When we got into the realm of social media marketing, we were overwhelmed with requests from customers for advertising services. We realized how well ads work with social media and decided to introduce ad services into our offers. We started out with just social media ads at first before introducing Google and Amazon ads.

Despite having an incredibly talented team, we didn't have an ad expert at the time, but we did have customers requesting ads. We decided to hire an ad expert. The ads were similar enough in the creative process to what we did with organic posting, but optimizing the results was more scientific. When it comes to ads, it's important to consider your end goal and examine each step of the ad creation process. Each ad has a different goal, e.g. B. more reach, impressions, conversions and interactions.

Our ad strategy was on the rise, but we still felt that something was missing.

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The last component: 360 Marketing

I was always looking for opportunities to talk about our services. Whether TV appearances, podcasts or popular websites. And I realized that all of these appearances helped our SEO. “What if we offered this to our customers?” I wondered in my last 360 lightbulb moment.

I used myself and my own business as a case study, using PR to build our SEO, SEO to improve our ad performance, ads to get more people to our social media, and social media to connect with people, who heard our PR interviews. These podcasts and written features brought our work to life and enabled us to demonstrate the effectiveness of this revolutionary marketing strategy: 360 Marketing.

The 360 ​​Marketing Strategy ties together different aspects of marketing to produce better business results than just one or two. Many people may not be aware of the relationship between PR, SEO, advertising, and social media. PR services help your SEO dramatically as your domain authority increases when you appear in an article or podcast. Getting noticed in a PR article can lead readers to your social media profiles while your followers see any podcasts or articles you share on your social media platforms. You can use social media ads to target followers in specific niches to promote your product or service.

Writing and editing are at the heart of any 360 marketing strategy. You need excellent copywriting to attract and retain followers on social media, and you need a well-structured, grammatically correct pitch to secure your podcast and article functions. Your blogs need to be well written and SEO friendly in order to increase traffic. Essentially, you are writing for both the people and the AIs that index your content.

If you only use one or two aspects of 360 marketing, you are doing your business a disservice; 360 marketing is about maintaining a relationship with your audience on every platform. Any business can start implementing 360 marketing and reap its benefits. The initial implementation can be pretty straightforward – even creating a blog that you post to regularly can help your SEO and establish you as a knowledgeable authority. I highly recommend any business to use 360 ​​marketing. Your discoverability will be increased and you will be able to better connect with your ideal audience and connect for optimal growth.

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