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What enterprise podcasters must find out about social audio platforms

Social audio platforms let you create interactive social media shows with live voting, real-time rankings, and more.

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31, 2021

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While business podcasters are quickly realizing that social media has changed the way they reach their listeners, social audio has opened up a whole host of new possibilities. The integration of social audio enables podcasters to develop a deeper connection with their fans. Once you understand how social audio works, it is your turn to weigh the benefits of using it for your podcast.

Here's an overview of what social audio platforms are all about and how they can help you grow your audience and make your podcast more attractive.

What is social audio?

Social audio is the integration of social media into an audio experience. Social audio enables listeners to connect and share their thoughts throughout the listening experience. Social media has infiltrated modern life. So it is only natural that social audio will evolve to enable greater engagement of listeners in podcasts through interactions such as polls, rankings, and live commentary. For podcasters who want to use this new medium, various audio platforms are available to interact with their fans on a whole new level.

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What can social audio do for business podcasters?

Social audio increases audience engagement by allowing listeners to have direct communication between them and the moderator when it comes to topics they find interesting or want to discuss further. Social audio platforms offer bespoke on-demand social media solutions that maximize the needs of their listeners and help optimize the show. In addition, social audio enables participation in social media in new ways.

One of the best ways for podcasters to grow their audience is through social media platforms, which allow listeners to chat about topics they are interested in and build a community among other podcasters.

The original idea behind Social Audio was to create shows where audiences could vote, interact, and interact with each other to enable this increased participation between fans and hosts.

Live voting is a common element across all social audio platforms, but what sets one medium apart from another is its social media integration capabilities. Social audio platforms have different levels of social media integration that can create listener / fan engagement on a whole new level. Social audio platforms help bridge the gap between podcasters and listeners by providing a direct line of communication for feedback from fans / listeners on social media (where fans can connect).

Social audio platforms offer an unmatched listening experience, enabling podcasts to rise above the background noise in today's media landscape through listening and analysis.

These platforms also provide podcasters with invaluable metrics such as social signals, linking activity, and social wall activity to better understand how their listeners are interacting with their broadcast. In addition, Social Audio lets you share content on your website using audio widgets, share buttons, and social sharing.

Finally, social audio podcasts also enable social networks to be used for promotional activities by using functions for sharing social audio platforms. Social audio can be a powerful marketing tool that attracts new listeners while also making your brand more attractive to existing fans through additional opportunities for social engagement.

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The benefits of social audio

Social audio platforms enable brands, podcasters, and content creators to reach their audiences in new ways. Social audio platforms encourage meaningful interaction among listeners that help podcasters deepen their connections with fans, while also providing pre-listening opportunities that help listeners become more connected to the show's content throughout their listening experience feel.

Social audio platforms offer podcasters and listeners a new, interactive experience. For example, social listening (on Twitter) allows podcasters to see what an audience is talking about and act on it.

In addition, social audio platforms offer a podcast directory where you can subscribe to other shows in addition to your podcast feed. There is even an API for developers who want to use data from social audio platforms in their applications. Given the increasing demand from podcasters looking for additional ways to engage listeners, social audio platforms are a great option for podcasters to market their show while offering social media integration.

Social media has changed the way podcasters reach their listeners. With social audio, you have a whole new way of creating interactive social media shows with live voting and rankings for both the audience and the host. Whether you want to increase engagement or experiment with the format of your show, it may be time to explore this new medium.

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