Wells Fargo Mortgage Evaluation for 2021


Wells Fargo is an American staple with roots as a stagecoach company dating back to the 19th century.

Today Wells Fargo continues its legacy as one of the leading banks and lenders in the country. In fact, it was the largest residential real estate mortgage lender in the nation in 2019.

So what can you expect when you choose this bank as your mortgage lender? Primarily competitive interest rates and closing costs that rival or beat other big names in the mortgage industry.

When it comes to customer service, the bank is average. However, it's worth noting that customer satisfaction has increased over the past four years.

For most people, the decision depends on the price. Compare Wells Fargo rates and closing costs to some other lenders. If this bank is affordable for you, it's worth taking a closer look.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Interest

Wells Fargo has close ties with other major banks when it comes to mortgage rates.

Note, however, that Wells Fargo typically includes fewer “rebate points” in its mortgage rate estimates than some other lenders.

That means you don't have to pay as much in closing costs to actually get the course shown.

Average 30 year mortgage rate from major lenders

Wells Fargo
Accelerate Loans
Bank of America
30-year average interest rate, 2019


Monthly P&I payment *

$ 980
$ 973
$ 980
$ 961

Median Loan Costs, 2019

$ 3,484
$ 5,075
$ 3,440
$ 3,918

Median Origination Charge, 2019

$ 1,199
$ 2,805
$ 1,279
$ 1,265

Average tariff and fee data comes from public tariff and fee records required by the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA).

Note that mortgage rates have dropped significantly since 2019. So this table gives no indication of the interest rate you are likely to receive today.

However, it can show you how large companies generally compare to each other.

* Monthly principal and interest payment based on a home price of $ 250,000 down 20% assuming an average 30 year interest rate for each business for 2019. Your own interest rate and monthly payment will vary.

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Wells Fargo VA mortgage rates

Below is a table that compares the average 30 year VA rates and the average 30 year interest rates of Wells Fargo and some other top lenders in 2019.

Average 30-year VA mortgage rate from major lenders

Wells Fargo
Accelerate Loans
30 Year VA Average Rate, 2019


Average 30-year conventional rate, 2019


Interest rates have come down, and VA interest rates are typically lower than other types of loans.

However, you must be an Eligible Service Member, Veteran, or Spouse to qualify for any of these loans, which are endorsed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Check Your VA Loan Eligibility (Feb 25, 2021)

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Rating for 2021

Wells Fargo is hard to think of
without remembering some of the bank's recent problems.

Reports from millions of accounts
2016 was opened by mistake. And newer problems have come to light
about unnecessary fees for some mortgages and a "computer bug"
this resulted in hundreds of people facing foreclosure.

And yet – Wells Fargo was the most popular U.S. mortgage lender in 2019 according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

So the company is clearly getting things
right for many homeowners.

This could have something to do with competitive prices, helpful online tools, and steadily increasing customer satisfaction scores. (The company was ranked 16th in J.D. Power's 2017 mortgage survey, 14th in 2018, 12th in 2019, and 7th in 2020.)

Here we explore the specifics of Wells
Fargo Home Mortgage so you can decide for yourself if this is the right one
Mortgage lender for you.

Working with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

The Wells Fargo website is modern,
informative and easy to navigate. And most importantly, you can start online
Partially save the application and exit later.

Wells Fargo has a full
The digital application process and the yourLoanTracker system help
Customers up to date on the status of their loan application without having
contact a mortgage advisor.

The company also has a uniquely useful calculator for comparing mortgage loans. This
This option allows you to compare custom interest rates and costs for different types of loans
Side by side.

Better yet, you don't have to enter one
Contact information for using this tool. All you have to say is your purchase price,
Down payment, credit score, and the state and county where you will be buying.

The calculator will then give you a list
of mortgage types that might suit you and today's interest rates for anyone. Choose
Multiple loan types and you can compare interest rates, closing costs and monthly
Side by side payments.

Those who prefer to do business
You will find Wells Fargo's extensive network of 5,700 employees face to face

It is present in most of the states and in them
You can use a store locator tool on the website to find the closest location.

Note, however, that the bank is current
involved in a store closure program. It is planned to reduce the number of branches to around 5,000 by 2022.

Wells Fargo customer service reviews

As mentioned above, Wells has Fargo
stepped up from J.D. in creating mortgages for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. Power prevailed

This is shown steadily
increasing customer ratings in areas such as the application and approval process,
Communication, loan completion and loan offers.

Mortgage origins 2019
CFPB complaints
Complaints per 1,000 mortgages
2020 JD nominal power
Wells Fargo


Accelerate Loans




Bank of America


Wells Fargo does relatively well on customer complaints too. Data registered with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows Wells Fargo is in line with Chase, the next largest mortgage lender. And it's better than some peers like Bank of America.

Overall performance suggests that you would likely choose Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for more than just customer satisfaction. But you shouldn't rule it out either.

Keep that in mind
The customer service facts describe Wells Fargo's performance as a lender
but not as a loan servicer.

Borrow products from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

As you'd expect from a major bank, Wells
Fargo offers a wide range of mortgage options.
These include:

Fixed rate mortgages – Choose your fixed rate loan term from 30, 20 or 15 years (only 30 or 15 years for jumbo loans) with low down payment optionsVariable rate mortgages – Choose a fixed rate for an initial period of 5 or 7 years (or 10 if you want a jumbo loan). After that, your rate can fluctuate every yearVA loan (30 years) VA Loans offer Qualified Service Members and Veterans a zero down payment and other privilegesFHA loan – Use an FHA loan to secure only 3.5% of the purchase price. Note, however, that you will need to pay ongoing mortgage insurance premiums (MIP).USDA loan – Wells Fargo calls this program the Easy to Own Guaranteed Rural Housing Program. Like all USDA loans, it allows zero down payment in qualifying rural or suburban areasJumbo Loans – When you want to borrow more than Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac allow in your area. In most of the United States, a jumbo mortgage is a loan amount greater than $ 548,250New construction loans – An easier way to borrow if you're building from scratchYour first mortgage – A product developed by Wells Fargo that allows you to shop with a low 3% deposit. Despite the name, available to both first-time buyers and existing homeowners alike

There is a very good chance that the type of mortgage you need is with Wells Fargo

Though Wells has Fargo
Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs) were suspended during COVID-19
In the event of a pandemic, the bank has disbursement refinancing as well as interest and term refinancing options

Your first Wells Fargo mortgage

Wells Fargo's yourFirst mortgage lets home buyers buy a home with as little as 3% off. Even better, the 3% deposit can come from gift funds or deposit aids instead of your own bank account.

Just be aware that if you are using a low payment program like yourFirst with less than 20% down payment, your loan will include Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) payments.

Wells Fargo also offers closing expense credits for certain home buyers using the yourFirst mortgage. Credits can help lower your closing costs to limit the amount you have to pay out of pocket.

According to Wells Fargo, to qualify for credit towards closing costs, buyers must complete a homebuyer training course and receive a "qualifying deposit".

Find out more about your first mortgage and how to qualify here.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Credit Requirements

Wells Fargo requires a credit score of 620
for most mortgage borrowers. However, this rule is not set in stone.

If you have a poor credit rating,
Wells Fargo Mortgage is worth an even closer look. That's because it will be
Do not consider traditional credit information about a
Mortgage application.

That does not mean that Wells Fargo loans will be given to those with serious problems
Credit histories. However, alternative on-time payments will be considered
made by those who have low scores because they don't have much in the

Wells Fargo Mortgage FAQ

Does Wells Fargo Have Good Mortgage Rates?

In our analysis, Wells Fargo mortgage rates are average for the industry. What is important, however, is that the mortgage rates advertised by Wells Fargo often have fewer discount points than those of their competitors. That means you don't have to pay as much upfront to get the rate shown. So, take a look at Wells Fargo's combined rates and points to see how they compare to other lenders.

What's your first mortgage?

YourFirst Mortgage is a Wells Fargo low down payment loan program. With yourFirst, home buyers can save just 3%. In addition, your first-time mortgage customers can qualify for one Closing costs Credit to reduce their upfront costs.

What creditworthiness is required for a Wells Fargo mortgage?

Wells Fargo's underwriting process usually requires a credit score of 620 or higher in order to obtain a mortgage. However, a good financial portfolio could work in your favor if your credit score is a little lower. For example, if you have a FICO score of close to 620 but have lots of savings and a large down payment, Wells Fargo may still accept you for a mortgage.

What Credit Score Does Wells Fargo Use?

Wells Fargo uses FICO credit scores to help determine whether borrowers are eligible for a mortgage. Most Wells Fargo mortgage programs require you to have a FICO score of 620 or higher to qualify.

Will Wells Fargo reduce my mortgage payment?

Wells Fargo may be able to help you lower your mortgage payment through "loan modification". Loan modification is when your lender helps you restructure your mortgage to make it more affordable. This could mean lowering the interest rate or increasing the loan term to lower your monthly payments. Mortgage modification is usually only available to homeowners in need of mortgage relief and who do not qualify for refinance.

Does Wells Fargo Do FHA Loans?

Yes, Wells Fargo offers FHA loans. FHA loans (backed by the Federal Housing Administration) are popular with first-time home buyers. They are only 3.5% less available and typically have lower credit requirements. An FHA loan could be an alternative to your first Wells Fargo mortgage.

Does Wells Fargo offer online pre-approval?

You can start the mortgage pre-approval process on the Wells Fargo website, but you will likely be contacted by a mortgage advisor to complete the process. Pre-approval shows your price range and shows sellers that you are a serious buyer.

Is Wells Fargo a Good Bank?

Despite its missteps over the past five years, Wells Fargo continues to improve its reputation with customers and regulators alike. If it offers you the lowest interest rate and fees, Wells Fargo could be a good choice for your mortgage. However, if you are offered a lower rate elsewhere, or you are not satisfied with Wells, there are plenty of other competitive mortgage lenders out there.

Where Can You Get A Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loan?

NMLS ID: 399801

With over 5,000 locations in 36
States, Wells Fargo has more offices than many other major financial services companies.

In fact, some reports say it has most of the branches. So it can be ideal for those who prefer
Doing their business in person, especially if they don't already have one
Relationship with a local bank or credit union.

And for those who prefer digital
Services, the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage website is informative and fairly simple
navigate. The ability to partially save and complete an application
it gives the borrowers additional flexibility later.

Is Wells Fargo the Best Mortgage Lender for You?

Competitive prices and rising customer satisfaction scores are testament to Wells Fargo's popularity as a mortgage lender.

And while the bank's spotty track record is difficult to ignore, there can be a silver lining. The bank is currently under extensive scrutiny by customers and regulators. Serious efforts are being made to improve – and data shows it is successful for many.

So if Wells Fargo can offer you a competitive mortgage rate, it is definitely worth your consideration. Here you can check your personal prices.

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