Weekend Sip: Who wants a Pumpkin Spice Latte when you’ll be able to drink exhausting seltzer with a pumpkin spice taste?

The tin

Bud Light Seltzer Fall Flannel Pack, price varies by market, but usually between $ 16 and $ 18

The backstory

Has the Hard Seltzer category finally started to lose its fizz?

That is the question we asked ourselves when we launched the Bud Light Autumn Flannel Variety Pack. Does the world really need a tough pumpkin flavored seltzer? Or a roasted marshmallow, to name another offer in the range? (The pack is rounded off by the varieties maple pear and apple chips.)

And there are indeed signs that hard seltzer sales are slowing – at least for other manufacturers. White Claw, the industry leader, saw bar sales decline 15%, according to an industry report. Boston beer
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– the Sam Adams folks behind the Truly Hard Seltzer line – recently reported a slowdown in the category that contributed to a decline in the share price.

Still, the people from Bud Light, part of Anheuser-Busch
are upbeat when it comes to sparkling water that can make you tipsy. They find that the brand launched in 2020 is already the third most popular in the category (after White Claw and Truly). And they say their flavor innovations and variety packs add to the popularity of Bud Light Seltzer. Other seasonal ranges they have launched include a Christmas Ugly Sweater Package (highlighted by a “peppermint pattie” seltzer) and a retro summer package (featuring cherry lemonade, blue raspberry, and “summer ice cream” flavors ).

“Bud Light Seltzer is all about fun and taste,” says the brand.

What do we think about it

We were ready to be terribly cynical with the autumn flavors of Bud Light Seltzer. We were ready to say that they could contribute not only to the decline of the entire Hard Seltzer category, but also to the decline of Western civilization itself.

But then we tried the flavors. And, um, we kind of liked her.

Look, there's no pretending that a tough seltzer is something sophisticated that tastes like roasted marshmallows (and for the record, this was our least favorite of the group – a rather bizarre concoction that's like a campfire in sweeter , bubbly shape). But the pumpkin spice actually hits the right seasonal notes (without all the added sugar, the Starbucks
+ 0.46%
adds his eponymous latte, we could add). And the apple crisp is strangely refreshing in this autumnal way.

Would we order some of this in a bar with a straight face? Would we hand them out to our alcoholic friends at a party? In a word, no and no. But yes, we could drink them again.

How to enjoy them

Lose your shame, open a chilled can and enjoy it as it is. But the toasted marshmallow can probably go down the drain.

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