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Wealthy Pins on Pinterest: The right way to Increase Your Natural Gross sales

31, 2021

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If just embedding a snippet of code on your website could double your engagement and clicks on Pinterest, would you?

Let's get down to business. In the Pinterest world, there are average pins and then rich pins. The kind that generate more organic traffic, more clicks, and more sales on your website.

When selling products online, don't sleep on rich pins. I am about to open your eyes to this revolutionary tool that has literally changed my life.

What are rich pins?

Rich Pins contain backend metadata that provides Pinterest with more information about your product in order to provide a better experience for searchers. Think of the same Pin but with a ton of additional information automatically linked to your content that will make your Pin more engaging and talkative. This is how you can use your Pinterest strategy!

There is an invisible connection between your website data and your Pinterest content that shares more about your product and makes it stand out from a sea of ​​similar products, which leads to more clicks and ultimately? Sales.

On a technical level, rich pins work by showing metadata like keywords and phrases and even price tags from pages where you embedded the code on your website. Once you apply for Rich Pins, your website's metadata forms a Rich Pin when a user saves your content. This is perfect for conditioning buyers to be ready to buy as soon as they land on your sales page!

While metadata is great … well, meta (aka, invisible), you can distinguish a Rich Pin from a typical Pin by looking at how much information is available on the Pin. This content is synchronized with the e-commerce website linked to the pin.

How To Use Rich Pins On Pinterest + The Different Types Of Rich Pins

There are four different types of Rich Pins you can create:

Article Pins – Exactly what it sounds like – these are content from a website with a blog or story. Each Rich Pin with this content usually has a Headline, Author, and Description.

Product Pins – This includes important information about converting a user, such as pricing, availability, and location (if applicable). However, it is important to note that these are not buyable Pins as they do not allow the user to buy directly from Pinterest. Instead, they have to link to the product's landing page.

Recipe Pins – Rich Recipe Pins not only allow users to share the title of the recipe, but also find out the ingredients, cooking time, serving information and ratings without leaving the app. With Recipe Rich Pins, the brand who uses them, whether a food blogger or a mompreneur, can also share affiliate links in their Pins that can result in thousands of commissions.

App Pins – With the right code, these rich pins allow users to install your app directly from the app. With a seamless download and an intuitive user experience, App Pins are a must-have when it comes to customer acquisition.

In ecommerce, you really want to focus on product and article rich pins and embed code on each of your product and blog pages to make sure that your pin ranks higher than everyone else. This will ensure greater interaction and audience retention. This leads me to answer the big question …

Why should I use rich pins?

Well, first of all, why not? It costs you absolutely nothing (minus the five minutes to embed the code) and it's a simple tool that you, the ecommerce business owner, can maximize to increase your clicks and ultimately your sales.

On the flip side, this is an obvious entry point as consumers want information to be instantly and readily available. While clicks will always be the holy grail for conversion on Pinterest, when you can deliver all of the information a user needs in one rich, informative, and valuable Pin, there's a lot more chance they'll pin your content and come back. This embeds the know-how and confidence that it takes to sell.

We know that almost 72% of Pinterest users are looking for inspiration to buy. So the more information you provide, the better. We also know that 84% of them try new things that they discovered on the platform. And did I mention that the average time on site is over 14 minutes? That's enough time to get and hold their attention – so the more information you can provide (without having to manually upload it), the more deadly it will be to your engagement!

As someone who has managed and advised hundreds of different brands on Pinterest, I've seen how effective Rich Pins can be. Rich Pins will help you:

Stand out from authority and trust your digital community to stay relevant with the latest and hottest trends

How to set up Rich Pins as an online service provider on your website

Embed metadata on your website. Click here to see the key metadata available for each type of rich pin, from item to product and recipe types. The formats for rich pins are usually Open Graph and, and you can use SEO plugins like Yoast to tweak your website's metadata.

Apply and verify your Rich Pins by entering the URL of any page on your website with metadata into Pinterest's validator and clicking "Validate". Fix any problems as they arise and once everything is correct select the method you used to tag your pages (HTML, oEmbed, or Shopify). Then just click on “Apply”.

Start creating, testing, and refining your Pinterest content today! Try these free, easy-to-use drag-and-drop Canva templates to get started now.

Best of all, you only have to go through the above process once with just one page! You don't have to go through every URL or re-validate every time you update something. Once you've set up Rich Pins, you're good to go!

How to become a Pinterest manager

If you really want to improve your Pinterest game and use these Rich Pins in real life, the best way to educate yourself and keep up with the latest trends and algorithmic changes is the best way to go. My method of pinning sales is the best way to do it! Thousands of companies are using this very strategy to expand and expand their organic sales channels, capture rich pins, and grow their accounts.

But what if I told you that there is more you can do to maximize Pinterest's organic reach and conversion potential? My pin-to-sales method is your first port of call for getting your brand on Pinterest. You will learn everything you need to know to start, grow, and attract your dream audience, and turn them into sales with Rich Pins and more!

This e-learning program includes six modules, interactive video training, the keyword-rich board and pin description templates my clients use to go from 0 to 10,000 overnight, and Pinterest branded graphics that you associate with your own content can as long as you like.

What's next?

Whether it's killer items or must-have products, if you don't maximize your content, you're missing out on thousands of new leads and purchases every day. I mean, you are literally three steps away from standing out as an online business owner, building authority, and generating clicks on your website.

They're fun, easy, and incredibly lucrative when done right.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any help, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm Willow Kaii on Instagram, Tiktok or LinkedIn.

Stop waiting, go ahead and scale with Pinterest Rich Pins!

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