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Walmart is pulling weapons and ammunition from retail areas due to "unrest" in some areas, however will proceed to promote these things

Ammo and guns for sale at a Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas, June 25, 2015.

Barbara Alper | Stock photos | Getty Images

Walmart has removed guns and ammunition from retail spaces in stores displaying these items due to isolated incidents of "riot" in some areas of the United States. However, the retail giant will continue to sell the items.

The move comes as Philadelphia witnessed days of looting and violent demonstrations following Monday's fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old black man who police said had repeatedly declined orders to drop a knife, that he held in his hand.

The action is reminiscent of an identical action in June, when Walmart took firearms and ammunition from retail stores after demonstrations over the murder of another black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest in connection with an alleged forged bill.

"We have seen isolated civil unrest and, as we have done several times over the past few years, we have removed our firearms and ammunition from the sales floor as a precautionary measure for the safety of our employees and customers," Walmart said in a statement.

"These items can still be bought by customers," said the retail giant.

The statement said: "We only sell firearms in about half of our stores, especially where there is a high concentration of hunters and sportspeople."

Walmart operates 4,752 stores under the Walmart name and 599 Sam & # 39; s Club locations in the United States.

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