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VIDEO: Two robots are the protagonists of a heated dialogue in a public library in China

Each android's personality came to light, which made them go viral.

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6, 2021

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When two friends start discussing a problem, sometimes it gets out of hand and we say things we didn't want. Tutu and Wangbao are two "friend" robots whose aim is to help users of Jiangxi Provincial Library, China. However, no one could see what would happen to these two characters.

It all started on December 30th when a user with tutu scanned a QR code to help them. Wangbao was upset and started the discussion:

Tutu let's stop peeling, okay? Your mood is sure to be very changeable!

To which the other robot replied:

Aren't you a drama queen? I'll give you a way out, stop being moody!

They quickly got louder and angrier, but it all ended with the two suddenly pulling away. The video went viral, the Global Times reported.

The unexpected event sparked laughter from those present and now from thousands of Internet users. Who could imagine such a discussion with two robots as protagonists? An episode worthy of the Jetsons!

After an interview with Tutu and Wangbao, both robots declared that they had already reconciled. "It was a last year thing … isn't it normal to have fights between friends?"

According to Zhong Xiaotong, a library worker, robots can learn and evolve while interacting with readers. So we wonder what Tutu and Wangbao heard.

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