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13, 2020

2 min read

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two of the most important technologies of the future. They are used in self-driving cars, financial and healthcare technologies, online recommendation engines, and many, many more important industries. But most of us have absolutely no idea how they work. Whether you just want to get an understanding of machine learning or are considering a career change and expanding your skills, the Machine Learning Overview Pack for Beginners is a great place to start.

This seven-hour training course is led by Idan Gabrieli, a seasoned solution engineer who works with hundreds of companies around the world to help them address modern business challenges. This package is broken down into an easy three-course route.

In the first course, you will learn the basic theoretical concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence. You will become familiar with the terms used in the industry, understand the difference between applied and generalized AI, learn the process of training a model, and much more. The course is aimed at beginners. Even if you don't know anything about machine learning, you're in a good place.

In the second grade you will learn about the theoretical side of machine learning and the practical side of data science. You will learn the basics of Python and Pandas' data science library, and learn how machine learning and artificial intelligence are simplifying the way we use data. To top it off, you conduct data analysis and exploration and develop complete data science projects.

In the final course, you will perform exploratory data analysis (EDA) by visualizing a data set using various chats. You will learn the basics of data visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn, and learn how to customize charts and much more. You will study bar, pie, and line charts. Create histograms, scatter, heat map and hexbin map charts. and a lot more.

Get theoretical and practical training in machine learning and artificial intelligence with these 108 inexperienced-friendly lessons. The highly-rated $ 600 machine learning overview pack for beginners is only $ 19.99 for a limited time.

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