: US needs to sanction Russia for SolarWinds hack, election infringement: stories

The Biden government is expected to announce sanctions against Russian officials and corporations for its alleged role in electoral disruption and the SolarWinds hack, according to multiple reports on Wednesday evening.

Bloomberg, CNN and Reuters all separately reported that the announcement could come as early as Thursday. The sanctions are reportedly directed against around 30 Russian units and people associated with the Russian government and intelligence services. According to reports, around 10 Russian officials and diplomats are being expelled from the US.

The steps should have the support of European allies and heighten tensions between the US and Russia, which have already been heightened due to a Russian military build-up along the Ukrainian borders.

Speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, President Joe Biden said the US would "act decisively against its national interests" in terms of hacking activities and election disruptions.

Earlier this month, members of Congress pressed the White House for more details on SolarWinds
Hack, the full scope of which is still being investigated. The month-long breach penetrated the networks of at least nine government agencies, including Homeland Security, and dozens of companies. Russian hackers are the prime suspects.

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