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Tips on how to begin a Tamalería enterprise

Dare to get started with this business model that will help you generate sales beyond Candlemas Day.

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By Marissa Sánchez


The food and beverage industry is one of the most dynamic in Mexico. And the figures confirm it: restaurants (outside of a pandemic) generate more than 1.4% of the national GDP and 13% of the tourism GDP.

The production of tamales in the country goes back to pre-Hispanic times. Cultures like the Maya included the consumption of this food in rituals to cleanse its seeds at the beginning of the agricultural cycle. Back then, corn and banana leaves were used and they were steamed. While the arrival of sugar in our diet (after colonization) enriched the variety of tamales, which some estimate between 500 and five thousand.

Today, this meal becomes the main character on February 2nd not just for breakfast, lunch or dinner, as a main course or as a treat during the week or on Saturdays and Sundays. It's Candlemas Day, the date Mexicans enjoy tamales, courtesy of those who received "the child" at Rosca de Reyes.

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This business idea consists of a tamalería, that is, a facility of at least 25 square meters for the sale and consumption of a variety of tamales. This requires an initial investment of $ 300,000 which includes equipping a kitchen with its respective utensils, consumables, bar and counter, cash register, benches, tables and chairs. In addition to training the staff for the preparation of tamales. The aim is to professionalize this traditional business that is often on the street without following the basic hygiene rules.

Locate your tamalería near schools, offices and residential areas. Ideally, it should be easily accessible for pedestrians and vehicles. Another key to this business is the opening times: try to open from 6am and close by 9pm. Identify peak times so that your employees can intensify their activities and react quickly. Take advantage of the downtime in sales to focus on production.

Do not forget that you will win your customers with your stomach. So try to have a wide range or rotation of options so that people never go empty-handed. See mole tamales, green, sliced, sweet, cakes as well as regional varieties. Another way to increase your income is by offering home delivery or special attention for events.

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