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TikTok nonetheless lives within the US, Richter suspends Trump's veto

District Judge Carl Nichols this Sunday suspended the measure banning the application from being downloaded in the North American country.

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28, 2020

2 min read

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The resolution came after a telephone hearing on Sunday. Nichols issued an injunction that the ban won't go into effect upon request by the app.

Federal Judge Carl Nichols suspended the US government veto on TikTok, an application of short videos that would be banned from downloading from this platform in the US, this Sunday, September 27th.

Nichols issued a temporary court order that the ban will not go into effect this Sunday at the request of the motion. So far, the reasons why the judge made this decision are unknown. However, it refused to extend the blockade that will take place in November.

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The resolution came after a telephone hearing on Sunday where Nichols heard from TikTok's attorney, John Hall, who alleged a possible violation of freedom of expression and national security.

The lawyer claims that TikTok is acting as a new public space where people share different opinions. So closing would be like closing the doors to a public forum. He also stated that the veto would prevent access to automatic security updates for users who already have the application installed.

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