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three straightforward steps to organize your checking account for quarantine life

COVID-19 has given everyone around the world time and space to think about what's most important in life. Regardless of whether it's an opportunity to walk around outside or spend more time with your kids, you can learn how to spend your money in a way that maximizes your happiness if you know what you enjoyed during quarantine . It is equally important to know what Not Bring joy so you don't waste time and money.

Here are three simple steps you can take to hold onto the joy and let go, which will bring you down as we all prepare to live our quarantine life:

(Psst … you can also do this exercise in less time with the Mint app!)

Step 1: Evaluate your spending categories

Think about the last 30 days of your life. These are complex times, but you most likely spent money differently – more in some categories and less in others. Based on your past 30 days of spending, are there some retailers or categories that you normally spend a lot on, but have you found that you had limited enjoyment? Are there retailers or categories that you don't normally spend a lot on but have recently enjoyed? With the time and space to slow down and become more conscious, these are the questions you can ask yourself.

Use the following worksheet to worry about non-essential categories of expenditureand judge everyone based on the joy they brought you:

Step 2: Check your expenses and add up your totals

Use the Mint app or your bank and credit card apps to check your spending in each category or at any retailer. Add up your spending totals from each column.

Now try to think about the amounts and spending categories where you "I have spent too much on the lack of joy I felt. ”Why do you think you have spent too much in this category? Is it because you got used to it? Is it because you didn't carefully review this expense category? And if you reduced your expenses in this category or at this retailer, how would you prefer to spend this money to give you more pleasure?

Joy worksheet buzz

Step 3: Set a budget that will make your life more enjoyable

Are you ready to narrow down the categories or dealers you found less enjoyable? Try to start with a little change. Alicia Butera, CFP® recommends with a 25% cut in “I have spent too much on the lack of joy I felt"Categories and reallocation of these funds to yours"I spent too little on all the joy I felt in categories"Categories. Try this for a week or two, and then reevaluate how you feel. If it feels good, consider hiring 50%, and then maybe 75% the "My ratio of expenses to joy was just rightYou can leave categories alone for now, but continue to monitor how these categories can please you more or less.

Joy Worksheet_New sums

When you've completed steps one through three, let us know how it went in the comments below. Follow these steps every week for the next few months to become more aware of your spending patterns, change your spending habits, and most importantly, find out what brings you the most joy in life!

(Psst … you can also do this exercise in less time with the Mint app!)

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Jackie Porter, M.S. is a behavioral researcher at Intuit and previously author of Intuit's mint and turbo products. She earned her PsyD in psychology and is a health and fitness fanatic.

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