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three Missed Causes Enterprise House owners Have Problem Shedding Weight

5, 2021

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Building an eight-digit company from scratch. Climb out of thousands of dollars in debt to build a dream business. Quit a 9 to 5 job in crisis to build a lifestyle business and get you to travel the world.

This is a small sample of the stories we hear and see daily from entrepreneurs of all walks of life and ages. Being an entrepreneur includes taking risks, inner strength, vision and a commitment to persistence.

Entrepreneurs are competent people who usually have an above-average intellect and can demonstrate a handful of achievements. Why, like the rest of the population, are entrepreneurs with these fantastic traits and accomplishments prone to weight problems, rapidly aging skin, and declining health?

Perhaps the general population needs motivation, but that is a far cry from entrepreneurs. Instead, entrepreneurs face a unique problem that society rarely talks about: the dark side of success.

Most of your favorite books, Instagram posts, and podcasts glorify success. But very few pay attention to the struggles that entrepreneurs have on the other side of success.

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Entrepreneurs have unique and demanding lifestyles. As you climb the mountain of success, there are more responsibilities, more expectations, more pressure, and more stress, which results in less time for you. This creates a breeding ground for potential burnout and weight gain. Managing your weight isn't complicated, but it can be complex for many reasons, starting with three of the overlooked below.

I only rely on hard work

Whether it's scaling your business, getting it on track, or improving your sales for the coming quarter, working harder (or as some call it "hectic") is a big piece of the puzzle to those goals to reach.

More capital, more resources and more people in business: your business is growing exponentially. The business rewards those who never let go of the accelerator.

Unfortunately, weight management doesn't work according to the same philosophy for entrepreneurs. Just throwing more arrows at the board and keeping your foot on the accelerator won't cut it.

Managing your weight (and your entire human system in general) is a delicate pendulum that requires you to act like you are a maestro. Just as the maestro has to find the right balance with his baton for each night, you have to find the right balance with your weight loss plan.

A maestro knows that as soon as the team and its sound stick together, the right grip has arrived. You will know that the right handle for your plan is when there is little or no friction between your daily health habits and business life.

Instead of just working harder and constantly being on the accelerator through strict diets and excessive exercise for no rhyme or reason, step on the brakes strategically and view your health and fitness as a symphony that requires precise actions to function seamlessly.

In life, especially those related to health and fitness, many have been taught how to shoot. But few were taught to aim. Precision is important to entrepreneurs – you can't afford to guess and hope your habits and strategies because you lead a limited time lifestyle.

Precision is required in the way you sleep, speak, exercise, breathe, supplement, and eat.

Before you take massive action and blindly jump into a plan, slow down to get faster.

Do some preliminary work by collecting initial data and metrics like blood tests and body measurements and reviewing your life to determine which exercise and nutrition plan really suits your individual life.

Not fully addressing your mental and emotional world

Being an entrepreneur is far from a beautiful montage of sports cars, private jets, millions of fans eagerly awaiting your next product, and sold-out arenas to talk to.

Entrepreneurial life is a roller coaster ride full of highs that are indescribable, but also and sadly lows that you would not wish for your greatest enemy.

Research published in the journal Small Business Economics found that entrepreneurs were 2 times more likely to have depression, 3 times more likely to experience substance abuse problems, 6 times more likely to have ADHD, and 11 times more likely to have bipolar disorder than their peers and the general population.

Entrepreneurial life can be a vicious cycle of chronic stress that is not managed and can lead to a weakened immune system, insomnia, and weight gain, among other things.

Prioritize your mental and emotional well-being through activities like meditation, steady sleep, exercise, journaling, maintaining important relationships, and thinking that you are not your job.

Achieving your optimal weight and health is an inside-out task, not the other way around.

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Be goal-oriented instead of process-oriented

To conquer an industry or build a company from scratch, you need a lot of ambition and motivation. This attribute is beneficial for your business, but it is counterproductive for weight management.

You might reach your goal weight, but what's next? You finished the marathon, but what about after the finish line? For goal-oriented people, the spark often disappears and nothing remains but an empty void, which is unfortunately favorable for old habits (and weight) to reappear.

Sure, you can start another plan, but a sense of deja vu is likely to occur. Losing weight, then gaining weight is the yo-yo diet cycle that many unfortunately run on.

Don't think about controlling your weight as a goal. Think of it as a process. Similar to accounting, it requires daily attention to detail.

Many entrepreneurs have the goal of a million dollar business, but a well-oiled sales and marketing process delivers the result. The goal is weight loss, but the process is your daily exercise, diet, and sleeping habits.

The qualities that make you a successful entrepreneur can inadvertently prevent you from balancing your physical success with your financial success.

Weight management as a business owner is not a black and white issue as your life is far from a black and white story. Hence, your approach to sustainable weight management needs to embrace the many nuances that being an entrepreneur brings with it.

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