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This off-grid messenger may also help you keep secure on your whole summer time adventures

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1, 2021

2 min read

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Summer is just around the corner and you deserve a vacation. Business will be fine if you go away for a few days so find the peace and quiet you need. However, when you go offline, staying safe is still important. That means having a way to stay in touch with the civilized world, especially when you're traveling alone. Whether you're traveling to a distant beach or heading to the mountains for a few days, make sure you have a Radacat C2 Messenger: Off-Grid GPS tracker with you.

The Radacat C2 Messenger is an off-grid messenger that could one day save your life. It is a mini GPS tracking device that doubles as a messenger and tracker at the same time by connecting to your mobile phone. Even if you are far away from the network without a cellular network, Radacat lets you use offline GPS, send text and voice messages, and provide real-time locations to other Radacat C2 users. (They come in a pack of two so you always have someone you know on the other end.)

The Radacat C2 does not require a cellular signal, monthly fees or WiFi. It's compact and easy to take anywhere, and provides over 36 hours of uninterrupted work on a single charge. (More if you only turn it on when completely offline.) It has a range of up to six miles, depending on obstacles and clutter. Perfect for hiking, skiing, biking, international travel, and more, the Radacat C2 is a smart way to stay safe this summer.

Don't go completely off the grid. Normally $ 289, get a Radacat C2 Messenger: Off-Grid GPS Tracker Double Pack with 20% off today for just $ 230.

Subject to price changes.

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