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This may assist you keep away from distractions and obtain your highest focus

This meditation app is pre-installed with tons of original tracks that will help you feel empowered, inspired, relaxed and more.

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12, 2020

2 min read

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When you work from home, it is difficult to stay focused. There are chores to do, kids to look after, roommates to work … all while trying to run your business remotely. As the world adapts to a new normal, it becomes more and more difficult to block out all distractions. Fortunately, the WAVE ™ Kit is an innovative solution to help you with this.

The WAVE ™ Kit offers the world's most complete meditation experience at home, helping you reduce noise and reach your highest focus. The kit includes premium over-ear headphones that plug directly into a revolutionary cushion. The pad creates physical vibrations in your body that synchronize with the beat of the music, providing an extremely relaxing experience that will help you center yourself.

The WAVE app is preinstalled with countless original tracks that will make you feel empowered, inspired, relaxed or just about anything you feel like doing. The memory foam headphone material and the microsuede cover ensure that the headphones stay comfortable, while adjustable vibration levels allow you to find the perfect combination for your mood and sensitivity.

The WAVE ™ kit has received rave reviews from the Wall Street Journal and GQ, who write that "it makes meditation an experience to look forward to". When you're excited about blocking out all the noise, you can focus more and work better.

Don't let the distractions of 2020 slow your progress. Normally $ 199, get the WAVE ™ Kit for 14% off at just $ 169.99.

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