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This Masks-Launching Gun Video Has 1.5 Million Views on YouTube

Check out this steampunk-style launcher that blasts coronavirus-prevention right onto people’s faces.

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20, 2020

1 min read

Disturbed by videos of shoppers who refuse to wear masks in public stores, YouTube-er Allen Pan invented a gun that he says can shoot a mask directly onto the face of those not taking the spread of coronavirus seriously.

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While Pan, who has appeared on MythBusters: The Search, isn’t exactly advocating for people to go out and start blasting masks at people, his hilarious invention actually seems to work! Pan used parts of a car brake line, a pistol grip from a spray paint can, a pressurized CO2 canister and other electronic parts to build it. 

Watch the entire video, and see more of Pan’s amazing inventions on his YouTube channel.


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