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This all-in-one PDF software program is important for each entrepreneur

PDFBEAR makes it easy to convert and share PDFs.

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9, 2020

2 min read

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Entrepreneurs work with lots of files. Between business documents, legal documents, contracts, invoices, and lots and lots of other information, it can get quite confusing when working with different file formats. It is for this reason that most professionals prefer PDFs. PDFs are small and retain their format regardless of who they are sent to. However, they have the disadvantage that they are notoriously difficult to edit, convert, and sometimes even view. Fortunately, working with PDFs is easy and less expensive than you might think with PDFBEAR.

PDFBEAR is an all-in-one PDF software. With this program, you have an unlimited task converter that allows you to convert PDFs to other usable formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or JPEG. Likewise, you can convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, TIFF and other files to PDFs for easy sharing. PDFBEAR automatically detects and selects the highest possible output quality and works on Windows, Mac or Linux computers.

The best part? PDFBEAR is all about security. Any file you upload will be automatically deleted within 60 minutes of conversion, so your data remains completely private. All of your content is for your eyes only, unless you share it. The storage space and number of OCR tasks you can perform are unlimited, so you can work quickly and efficiently and not have to worry about your documents leaking.

Working with PDFs is easier with PDFBEAR. You can get a lifetime subscription now for just $ 69.99.

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