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This $ 16 course is a good way to get acquainted with the very best Excel different

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17, 2020

2 min read

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Microsoft Excel is the world's leading spreadsheet software, but it's also expensive, making it less accessible to many small business owners. Fortunately, there is a free alternative that some consider to be even better than Excel. Google Sheets offers many of the same features as Excel and works in sync with many users at the same time, so you don't have to worry about saving other people's work. Sheets is by far the best Excel alternative out there and it's absolutely free to use.

However, learning how to get the most out of Google Sheets will take a lot of trial and error. Speed ​​up the process with Go Fast with Google Sheets.

This quick, hour-long course will get you started with Google Sheets and introduce you to the basic Sheets shortcuts that you use every day. You will learn styling tips, editing sheets, auto-filling cells, pasting time and date, selecting cells, cutting and pasting, and much more with extreme efficiency. There is also a section devoted to the most important formulas that uses comments to communicate with other users, record shortcuts, and more.

Go Fast with Google Sheets is led by Grant Klimaytys, a former Google engineer who is now a professional app developer. It's safe to say that Klimaytys is familiar with Google Sheets.

Keep yourself up to date with Google Sheets so you don't have to waste time learning the ropes. Go Fast with Google Sheets is available now for just $ 15.99.

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