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The White Home Govt Workplace cafeteria was closed after a optimistic coronavirus check

The White House is pursuing a contract after a cafeteria employee has tested positive for coronavirus, three Trump administration officials told NBC News.

The Eisenhower Executive Office Building [EEOB] cafeteria was closed this week after the case was discovered. It was unclear how long the facility would remain closed, although some employees were told it could remain closed for two weeks.

The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is part of the White House complex and is directly opposite West Executive Ave. It houses the offices of much of the White House executive, including officials from the Coronavirus Task Force, the Vice President's Office, the National Security Council, and several economic affairs.

In contrast to the White House Mess, which is located in the west wing and is operated by the US Navy, the cafeteria in the neighboring EEOB is operated by a state contractor. The White House referred questions about the situation to the General Services Administration that maintains the building.

"All of the proper protocols have been set up by the provider, including masks, gloves, plastic shielding at checkout, and no dine-in service," a GSA spokesman told NBC News. "The White House medical department conducted contact tracking and found that the risk of retransmission is low."

The GSA has not indicated how many employees may have been exposed to the Commissioner or how long it will remain closed.

The case is that President Trump has publicly acknowledged the increasing spread of the corona virus in the United States, despite continuing to downplay concerns about his government's abuse of the pandemic.

"We work with very talented people, very brilliant people, and everything will work and it will work," Trump said on Wednesday.

Several White House officials and others in close proximity to the President have previously tested positive for coronavirus, which has led to White House contract tracking efforts in the past. Although the White House recently ended regular temperature controls for anyone entering the White House premises, those who are in close proximity to the President are still undergoing COVID-19 rapid tests in the White House.

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