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The way to create a number of streams of happiness in your life

12, 2020

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When it comes to increasing financial prosperity, many experts have said that it is advisable to diversify and create multiple sources of income or cash flows.

The same applies to increasing happiness.

Happiness is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face as their business grows. There are many things that fall by the wayside in the rest of your life and affect your overall happiness and well-being when you focus on your business to make it more successful, safer, and more valuable. They don't spend much time doing the same for their happiness.

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The reality is that most people don't. Instead, they rely on a stream of happiness. When you rely on a source, a dependent relationship arises, which can be particularly problematic in the event of a pandemic when that source is no longer available to you. As any financial professional will tell you, using this similar mentality is not good for your financial success.

One way to solve this is to create multiple streams of happiness.

The following are three key streams of happiness that improve your business, well-being, and fulfillment.

Level one: people

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

It is a catchy quote that only counts at a high level. Humans are the easiest source to use your luck.

If you don't spend a lot of time with someone, but especially with those who make you happy, this has a significant impact on your happiness, your business and ultimately your health. Loneliness has proven to be a real killer and this is not unknown to those who take the lonely entrepreneurial path.

As entrepreneurs, we are very aware of the stories about depression, increased anxiety, lower motivation and lack of physical care.

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In order to counteract this, it is important to establish a social connection as a daily practice. Close connections have been shown to reduce premature death, improve the ability to survive a deadly disease, and improve your ability to deal with stressful events when used daily.

It is more important than ever to create more social engagement, especially during this pandemic when we are unable to be physically close. These connections will bring you happiness and joy. Studies have shown that even talking to strangers can make you happier. This is the exact opposite of what we were taught as adults. However, your business and future depend on connecting with strangers.

In addition, this stream contains the people who should be included in your life as you evolve in your life. Who are these people who will be in your circle? You can consist of possible mentors, influencers, friends and employees who have strengths that you want to improve in your life.

Regardless of whether you have close relationships with them, talk to them about zoom, or just record text, social engagement is vital to your health and happiness.

Level two: places

We have the ability to create or visit environments that we enjoy. During a pandemic, you may feel restricted where these locations are. Let's look at three types of environments.

The first one is in your house. This can go without saying, but now that we live in a home-working world, it is even more important to have rooms in your home that are non-work-related and specifically designed to make you happy.

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For example, if you work from the couch or bed, these places are not fun if you don't work. If you have a specific work area and leave everything there (laptop, accessories, etc.), you have the rest of the room to yourself.

The second is open to the public, e.g. B. in parks, on beaches or on hiking trails. Exposure to these places (and vitamin D) will ground you and naturally increase your self-esteem and happiness.

The third are virtual places. We can use video conferencing tools and other technical platforms such as social media and meetup apps to engage in social engagement. While social media is a place to go to get in touch with others, I personally recommend using it with caution as overuse of social media is associated with a decrease in happiness.

Regardless of whether you are attending a virtual concert, a yoga or meditation course or a pub trivia, finding and knowing that you always have access to these places guarantees you virtual (pun intended) moments of joy, especially if you do Have not had experiences in one during.

Level three: things or experiences

"What are you doing for fun?"

While it's nice to have people around and places to have fun, what you do to have fun is vital.

Personally, no matter what happens in life, video games will always be this source for me. I can play video games anytime I know it makes me happier.

The more time you experience these moments of joy, the less you worry about the burdens that arise as an entrepreneur and the more you experience gratitude.

Even if the combination of these three streams has the maximum impact on happiness, using them as separate streams will make life happier and more joyful, and will create more success for you in the long run as a balanced entrepreneur.

Whether through (social) engagement, environments or experiences, diversity in creating joy creates lasting, long-term happiness, even in the most stressful times. If one is no longer available or becomes temporarily boring, you can choose another source and make a change.

The ability to rely on a single source creates security in everything, but what creates more security goes beyond just one source of reliability. And that applies to practically everything in life. Take your time to generate more happiness.

Your business and soul will thank you.

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