The Wall Avenue Journal: Republicans safe seemingly insignificant intercession from the Supreme Courtroom in Pennsylvania vote rely

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, shown at a swearing-in ceremony in 2019, responded Friday to a petition by the Pennsylvania Republican Party asking for ballots received after election day to be confiscated in case the state is later decided Decides to extend deadline Because of the pandemic and the Post, slowing down is illegal. The ballot papers have already been confiscated under a prior request by the Supreme Court, state officials say.

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The Republicans pushed ahead with a post-election day legal offensive, with the Trump campaign naming a Conservative activist to lead the battle and the Pennsylvania GOP making another urgency motion for the US Supreme Court to intervene in that state's census.

Developments came when President Trump fell behind Democrat Joe Biden in Pennsylvania and other battlefields, placing Biden at the head of the presidency. The litigation tabled by the Trump campaign and other Republicans has so far shown little prospect of a turnaround, and legal experts from both parties have called the effort the last stand.

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania filed a new urgency motion in the US Supreme Court on Friday asking judges to order the state votes that arrive in a three-day window after election day.

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State officials preparing for the possibility of a post-election litigation have promised, but the new Republican court claims it is "currently unclear" whether all 67 electoral boards in the county will follow instructions from the state.

Judge Samuel Alito ordered the districts to comply with the rules in an order issued Friday night.

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