The Wall Avenue Journal: Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott marries the Seattle college trainer

MacKenzie Scott, the philanthropist formerly married to Jeff Bezos, remarried after her divorce from Inc. in 2019.
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Founder, for someone who is familiar with the matter.

Scott, one of the richest women in the world, has married Dan Jewett, a science teacher at a private school in Seattle, according to the person.

Scott has recently devoted much of her time to philanthropic endeavors that benefit women-run charities, food banks, and black colleges, among others. Since their divorce, Scott has given away more than $ 4 billion of her fortune, according to a post she wrote on Medium in December.

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In a Saturday post on Scott's page on the Giving Pledge website for billionaires who pledged to donate most of their fortune to philanthropic endeavors, Jewett signed their commitment.

"It is strange to write a letter saying that I plan to give away most of my fortune during my life as I have never tried to raise the kind of fortune it takes to feel that something like that has a special meaning, "says Jewett Post.

"Dan is such a great guy and I'm happy and happy for both of them," Bezos said in a statement from an Amazon spokesman.

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