The Wall Avenue Journal: America panel of consultants claims that Blackwater founder and Trump ally Erik Prince violated the arms embargo in Libya, the diplomat says

DUBAI – A United Nations report accuses Blackwater founder Erik Prince of helping violate an international arms embargo against Libya, which puts the military contractor at risk of United States sanctions, according to a diplomat with access to the report.

The report by the United States' panel of experts overseeing the ban on arms transfers to Libya said Prince-controlled companies provided three planes to dispatch helicopters and military contractors that Russian-backed Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar did in the year 2019 should help.

The plan to send Western mercenaries to Libya unfolded when foreign arms and fighters from a variety of external powers including Russia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates poured into the country in 2019 and 2020, and a report that has escalated since 2014 says, according to the diplomat.

According to the New York-based diplomat and a former official with knowledge of the situation, Prince is likely to be referred to the United States Sanctions Committee, which could order a freeze on his property or a travel ban. Permanent members of the Security Council, including the US, Russia or China, could veto possible sanctions against Prince, who did business with all three countries.

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