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The uncommon palms that have been awarded to the magical cities of the Better of Mexico 2020

Sinibí Jípe is the entrepreneurship of Rrámuri artisans born in 2019.

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6, 2020

4 min read

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The morning of October 5, 2020 was special for many of the country's residents living in the Magical cities , since October 5th was introduced as the National Day of Magical Cities , in addition to the implementation of the National Strategy of the Cities of Magic and the delivery to the winners of the Magic Cities of the Best of Mexico 2020 , Awards from the audience of Unknown Mexico who voted on the brand's platforms.

Roberto GOnzález Alcalá, President of G21 Communication / Image: Unknown Mexico

For the second time in a row, from March 1 to 15, 2020, real travelers voted for The Best of Mexico on the Unknown Mexico platform. In total we had over a million votes in 14 categories.

The 121 magical cities are the door to the most authentic in the country, so in 2020 there were five categories that recognized them as emblematic places.

Awards from craftsmen

Image: Unknown Mexico

México Desconocido formed an alliance with the Rrámuri women to make the recognitions symbolically given during the ceremony to the lawyer Igor Roji López, president of the Network of Mayors of Magical Cities to introduce them to the winners of this edition.

Soledad, Esperanza, Lupita and Fernanda accompanied the participants of the commemoration of the national holiday of magical cities and congratulated the residents of every magical city.

To make the recognitions, the artisans used some techniques such as embroidery that they hadn't used in 10 years. Each of them is unique and bears a craftsman's seal that highlights the strengths of each city. A job full of heart, warmth and skill.

Image: Unknown Mexico

The Magical Towns winners of The best of Mexico 2020 are:

Pátzcuaro and its sea area in Michoacán as Best destination for the day of the dead . For its processions and its lighted cemeteries, as well as the Cempasúchil who dances on the rafts of its lake. Orizaba in Veracruz as Best magical city with surprising architecture . Thanks to the architectural treasures that keep its emblematic buildings, the Palacio de Hierro is perhaps the one that exudes the greatest brilliance. However, it does have its pristine river boardwalk, cable car, and New Hispanic artistic treasures. Bacalar , Quintana Roo, as the Best magical city for a romantic getaway. Who doesn't fall in love with a lagoon that seems to merge with the sky? It's about paradise on earth, as the tones of its water change from turquoise to deep blue when it hits cenotes. Zacatlán de las Manzanas , Puebla, as Best magical city for a culinary experience. A Serrano coffee and the amazing variety with which Puebla's hands transform the apple into liqueurs, jams and other delicacies earned him this award. You shouldn't leave here without a supply of cheese sandwich to delight the heart. And finally, Huamantla , in Tlaxcala, as the Best magical city with passed traditions . The whole city wakes up one August night to create monumental sawdust carpets in honor of Our Lady of the Assumption. In this country the Tlaxcala traditions and syncretism with what came from Spain are preserved.

We thank our listeners for their voices and for giving value to all Mexicans who, with the DNA of tourism in their blood, strive minute by minute to make our country a paradise for those who want to get to know the unknown Mexico.

Image: Unknown Mexico

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