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The sisters who based their very own firm for company presents in collaboration with Mexican artisans

10, 2021

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When Sharon Siano went to university in 2016, she studied design and started making profits by being part of a retail sales system for products imported from China. ; Reason why it started retailing gifts of this style.

On the other hand, her sister Michelle was doing market research in a company, her job was sometimes exciting but she wanted to do something that had a greater social impact.

In January 2018, Sharon decided to make a very important turnaround in their sales. It was here that her sister Michelle decided to team up with her to create Bartons: a giveaway and personalized gift company that works with designs from Mexican works artisans. "We are always very aware that we are first sisters and then partners," said Michelle in an interview with Entrepreneur en Español.

What they are mainly looking for is that all gifts have a useful life so they don't immediately go to junk or end up in a drawer that never opens. At the same time, they support the communities they work with, "we buy designs from Mexican artisans, we digitize them to print on our products, and in addition they get 15% of the sale of each product." explained Michelle.

Sharon and Michelle Siano, Bartons founders. Courtesy photo.

Establishing this business model with the first designers, a Guerrero family with whom they wanted to work, was tedious as the artisans distrusted these types of agreements due to less than pleasant experiences. Bartons is keen to work on other causes, so he's currently working with a foundation that supports scavengers and deprived of liberty to help them with their social reintegration process.

In the beginning, it was difficult for them to attract high-end customers until the Google Ads service became their first channel to attract businesses. During the interview, the Siano sisters recalled their first presentation to a company interested in their gifts and mentioned that trusting their 100% Mexican products and one that helped them too much not to be intimidated for a good cause.

Today Bartons has created unique and special projects with Twitter, Sharpie, Boske, Victoria147, Formula 1, among others; The organic voice-to-voice channel has also helped them a lot in growing as a company so that they already have their own printing machines.

You can check out the projects they have done with these brands on their website. If you are interested in their freebies or freebies, Bartons is responsible for providing close service to their customers, whichever you are interested in. , the brand will personalize your gifts according to your budget. But to give a 50% advance payment to start production.

Photo: Courtesy of Bartons

During the pandemic, the first amenities that businesses cut were partner gifts and many projects they'd lost. At the same time, however, they invested more in their customers to make themselves present in their daily lives.

"Corporate clients have told us that they had co-workers crying when they received their gift because receiving something with the company logo, which they made 200 equal, is something completely different than thinking of each person and them to give something with your initials or your name, ”emphasized the sisters.

"Our main goal is that every product is made or has a design for a specific purpose or group at risk," stated Sharon, co-founder of Bartons. It's a very representative aspect because they mention that their product goes way beyond the price, it gives Mexican designers a constant income that is not limited to their production capacity.

Courtesy of Bartons

The creators of Bartons recommend having as much information as possible about their customers to reach out to and treat them very humanely. For Michelle and Sharon Siano, "The company is an ongoing challenge because you don't know it will surprise you tomorrow. Whatever you want to achieve can be achieved if you are willing to sacrifice and work hard," said you.

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