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The right way to use Instagram's Conceal Likes function

The feature was implemented to reduce social pressure.

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12, 2021

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Last month, Instagram officially launched its 'likes' hiding feature, which aims to give users more control over their experience with the apps and ease the pressure of social validation. Instagram creators have been under a lot of pressure after the recent drop in interactions and some of them have been looking for content validation on their likes. With this feature, Instagram is trying to take the pressure off YouTubers' shoulders and promote original content on the platform.

Will engagement decrease?

Recent studies show that page interaction has decreased in countries with hidden likes like Brazil and Australia. A decrease in likes can cause the Instagram algorithm to prevent their content from getting to the discoverer page, even after they post high quality content.

How can you hide likes in your posts?

To hide likes in your posts, you have to go to the post and then click on "Likes". After that, users will no longer be able to see your posts. To hide likes, you need to perform a similar function on all of your posts. There is no feature to hide likes for all of your posts together. So if someone has more than 1000 posts, they have to turn off the likes for all of their posts.

Anyone can switch to desktop mode and see your likes, whether you hide them or not. Hiding likes also reduces the need to buy fake likes on the platform as content creators can now easily hide their likes.

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