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6, 2020

2 min read

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To fresh-faced entrepreneurs and professionals, it should come as no surprise to hear that bachelor's degrees can only get you so far these days. With more and more graduates and fewer jobs, getting professional certification can help you stand out from the crowd. And for those of you in the financial field, certified financial analyst status is Holy Grail's LinkedIn update.

Yes, becoming a certified financial analyst can do wonders for your career. The money is great, certification gives you flexibility in finding jobs or starting your own business, and puts you on a career path that has virtually no cap. However, becoming a certified financial analyst is far from easy. Over half of the people who take a CFA exam each year fail. Given that exam and tuition fees can run to nearly $ 1,000, failure, not to mention debiting your bank account, can be a real problem.

If you are considering taking any of the CFA's three certification exams, minimize the risk of failure by investing in a trusted test prep solution. AnalystPrep is a well-known option that gives you the best chance of passing your first try and is cheaper than most.

In short, AnalystPrep is a one-stop-shop study platform designed to lead you to success. The extensive study library includes video courses, study notes, a question bank of 3,000 practice questions, and full mock exams that help you fully prepare for a CFA exam. (Or also FRM or SOA exam.) They believe that practice is the only way to perfect these exams, so you have practically endless practice exams and tests.

AnalystPrep is not a new kid on the block, it works with 25,000 happy customers, helping them get the best hands-on practice the internet can offer, all at a cheaper price than their competitors. While other prep services can cost more than $ 500, AnalystPrep's curricula start at just $ 149.

If you are thinking of a career in finance, you need to pass some rigorous certification exams. Give yourself the best possible chance by logging into AnalystPrep before the exam. Check out their plans today.

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