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The replace to Instagram's verification self-submission kind permits for a extra full verification request

Instagram has silently updated the self-submission form so that users can add more information to their verification request.

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8, 2021

3 minutes read

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It's been almost three years since Instagram, the social networking service for sharing videos and photos, introduced the in-app form that allows users to request a verified badge for their account. Recently, the social networking video and photo sharing service quietly updated the self-submission form to request a verified badge. Now users can add more information to their verification request to prove their awareness.

What is a Verified Badge on Instagram?

Instagram explains that a verified badge is a blue check mark that appears next to an Instagram account name when searching for an account or viewing the account profile. This blue check mark next to an Instagram account name indicates that Instagram has verified that the account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity, or global brand it represents. The Verified Badge is a feature offered by Instagram that allows users to find the real accounts of public figures and global brands that they like, rather than a scammer or fan account.

In my opinion, a verified badge on Instagram or any other social media platform can be the instant credibility a person or business needs to increase viewership, conversions, or conversation. Verification on Instagram increases brand authenticity and creates social proof, a process that typically culminates over time for most individuals and brands. With an average of 1.16 billion monthly active users on Instagram, getting the blue check for video sharing and social networking service should be a top priority for individuals and global brands offering a product or service Earn photos.

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What are the requirements to get a verification badge?

Instagram states that when evaluating verification requests, the company reviews a number of factors to determine if the account requesting the verified badge is authentic, unique, and noteworthy. It's important to make sure your Instagram account isn't violating Instagram's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Do not post content that may have been reported or removed, as these policy violations will reduce your chances of your account being eligible for a verified logo.

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Old form and the updated form

Instagram launched its Global Notable People and Brands Verification Form in 2018, which allows users to submit the in-app form to request verification of their account. When first launched, the in-app verification form asked users to enter their full name and upload a photo of their valid government ID. Instagram has further improved the form so that users can select a category their account will be targeted to and the option to provide their alias. The updated verification request form now allows users to indicate who their general audience is. This additional feature can be used by creators in niche and micro-communities, often made up of notable personalities with engaged audiences.

The second update to the Instagram verification request form allows users to attach up to 5 URLs to their request. With this additional feature, users can insert mentions of news articles, URLs to additional social media profiles, or other URLs such as a user's Wikipedia page. Taken together, these additional improvements to the Instagram confirmation request form are welcome features that allow users to send a more complete confirmation request. Video and photo sharing social network service users will be able to access the updated verification request form in the Instagram mobile application as soon as it becomes available.

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