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The principle motive you aren’t getting constant earnings in what you are promoting

25, 2020

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Spending a lot of time in entrepreneurial social media groups will give you some insight into the things that happen in entrepreneurship.

You will see entrepreneurs post screenshots of five and six digit months. You will see executives talk about having their best-selling months. On the left and right you will see experts giving advice. You will even see some entrepreneurs reporting on their struggles.

While good standing on social media can feel good for a while, it is not the way to start building a business that creates financial security and options for an entrepreneur. One-hit wonder months are unsustainable and will frustrate an entrepreneur who does not get a return on the efforts they put into building their business.

While entrepreneurship is not the same as a traditional job, there are strategies an entrepreneur can use to generate consistent income.

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We live in the digital information age. With more than 4.5 billion internet users per day, the chance for an entrepreneur to reach their target customers has never been better. With a plan and an understanding of modern business development principles, it is possible to generate consistent income.

Lead generation and pipeline

The main reason business owners don't have consistent months of sales is because they don't have a lead generation plan that fills their pipeline with prospects who want what their business offers.

Posting randomly on social media isn't lead generation. Even posting consistently on social media is only part of a solid lead generation strategy.

The problem is, you don't own any social media platforms. If a social media platform decides to make a change that affects the reach of your content, it will have an impact on sales. Because of this, social media is only part of a larger lead generation.

Sending messages to Messenger, sending prospects on social media to a funnel, or adding the names of people who have not approved your email list is not lead generation.

Opportunities to create a lead generation system

Businesses thrive or close based on the systems they create for growth. Winging only works in film and often leads to inconsistencies. Clarity is one of the least used strategies for knowing what action to take and how it all fits together.

Here are a few ways to build a system that will consistently generate leads and fill your pipeline with customers who will help you grow your business and who you will enjoy working with.

1. Convince with content

There's a lot of noise online. There is no shortage of entrepreneurs consistently trying to convince consumers of their expertise. What separates the noise from the real is that an entrepreneur demonstrates expertise through content.

Your content speaks before you ever do. When you post content on your topic on social media, on your blog, newsletter, or other media, your ideal target customer may want to use that content, get value, and know more.

Content that hits the vulnerabilities of your target audience is usually shared and engages online content consumers. It builds your email list and those who want to keep track of what else you do.

It adds people to your pipeline because the consumer wants more. This is a way to promote potential customers and turn followers into customers. It's one of the strongest parts of a lead generation system.

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2. Use other target groups

In the digital age, the ability to be present has increased. While you can add value to your own audience through content, you can also be an expert on other outlets.

Podcasts are one of the best audio means of delivering content today. They're so powerful that entrepreneur Joe Rogan signed a $ 100 million deal with Spotify based on the podcast he created. Imagine what it would mean for your business to be on Rogan's podcast? While you may not have the option to guest on his podcast, there are plenty of others you could guest on.

You can also host joint webinars, train in Facebook groups, watch TV, and other media opportunities. One of the best ways to generate leads is to show cold consumers who you are, what you know, and how what you offer can help solve their problems.

3. Show expertise

One underutilized way of using social media platforms – and for those who follow you causally – is to offer the chance to win a workout with you and then do that training live.

It creates engagement because consumers want to win the session and more engagement because people want to see live training. It's an incredible way to showcase the expertise of your job and start the "buy" process in your consumer's mind. Consumers buy from someone they know, like, and trust. You are buying from entrepreneurs and companies that have demonstrated a skill and knowledge base for the topic that your business is about.

You can also upload the recording training session to your website. It creates additional content on your online property. Let your social media audience know that they can get the response on your website so they can subscribe to your email list. This increases website traffic dramatically as, for example, your consumer might want to see how your cookies are being created.

Presenting your expertise in a variety of ways can generate leads and fill your pipeline as you visually demonstrate that you know what you are talking about and can provide practical use to the consumer.

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A better way

Inconsistent months don't have to be common in your company. Use content more strategically, target different audiences filled with your ideal prospects, and demonstrate your expertise by doing more than just talking about it.

You can create the type of lead generation that will keep your pipeline full and result in higher sales. Don't rely on old school tactics that don't translate into a digital world.

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