The Prime Producers of 2021: The Full Checklist

Given the mortgage industry's best year ever for origins in 2020, it would of course follow that the output of individual loan officers would break some records for the year. For the first time in the 23-year history of the Top Producer survey, a billion dollar producer tops the list.

Christopher Gallo, a senior loan officer at NJ Lenders Corp. in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, had 2020 sales of just under $ 1.02 billion. Last year, Gallo was our second largest originator with a volume of $ 346.6 million.

In total, 204 originators produced over $ 100 million, compared to 85 a year ago.

This year's # 400 producer saw a production of over $ 53 million compared to last year when the person with that ranking was nearly $ 36 million.

The latest data from Fannie Mae has total mortgage lenders in 2020 of $ 4.5 trillion, while the Mortgage Bankers Association has $ 3.8 trillion. In both cases, that tops $ 3.7 trillion in 2003 as the best year ever.

The ranking is open to mortgage loan officers and mortgage brokers working with custodians, non-banks and mortgage brokers in the United States.

Some of the changes the pandemic has forced on the industry are a good thing, said Michael Rodriguez, the broker and owner of Platinum Capital Mortgage, Salinas, Calif., Who finished second in the ranking.

For example, video conferencing platforms like Zoom have become ubiquitous for meeting clients and referral partners.

"This allowed us to expand our mortgage reach geographically and enter external markets that would otherwise not have been reached," said Rodriguez. "We plan to continue using this medium in the future."

At least one manufacturing branch manager said his office was prepared for the expected lower loan volumes in 2021.

Todd Struyk, director of a Bay Equity Home Loans office in San Diego, said his office, like many others in the industry, had to add team members over the past year.

"But now we have the right team on board to meet the market demands and I believe we are efficient enough that we can stick with the team we have when the market rises or falls," said Struyk.

In the 2021 survey of top producers, just over a quarter of respondents fully agreed that the property market is moving in the right direction, with the same percentage of people being neutral. Another 36% generally agreed with the statement. A year earlier, 35% fully agreed with this statement, while only 18% were neutral and 46% answered in between.

While a small percentage, 9% in this year's survey, gave a negative answer to that question, it triples the percentage that was bearish for housing in the 2020 survey.

Among those who believe 2021 will be a good year for the housing business was Chad Cantrell, branch manager for Certainty Home Loan's Huntsville, Ala. Location. He expects increased demand for purchase and refinancing loans this year.

"Low prices inspire first-time buyers to enter the market," he added.

On the flip side, Lee Utley, the originator of a mortgage loan in the Jacksonville, Fla. Location of FBC Mortgage, said plans for 2021 included preparing for revenue growth this year "while being aware of a possible future slowdown in the real estate market." .

Respondents were also slightly more pessimistic about the US economy than the pre-pandemic environment when the 2020 survey was conducted.

In this year's survey, 38% responded neutrally to the statement that the American economy is moving in the right direction.

Just over four in ten were on the matching side of the spectrum, while 19% were on the mismatched side.

In the 2020 survey, 81% thought the economy was going in the right direction and 38% said they totally agree. Another 16% were neutral and only 4% disagreed.

Rhonda Faulk, Senior Loan Officer at Certainty in Niceville, Florida, plans to focus on purchases and new builds. Niceville is near Elgin Air Force Base in the Florida Panhandle.

"The strong economy backed by a large military presence is expected to increase demand in 2021," said Faulk. "The military also ensures that housing marketing keeps moving with frequent reallocations."

If anything, refi loans aren't a big part of their business plan.

"My refinancing focus is primarily on my past clients to nurture this relationship by asking them if I can save them money or help them achieve their goals," said Faulk.

No.NameCompanyVolume in DollarNo. of loan originated1Christopher GalloNJ Lenders $ 1,019,405,9542,5322Michael RodriguezPlatinum Capital Mortgage $ 676,243,3681.2643Paul VolpeNova Home Loans $ 611,155,2062,3744Max LeamanLoanPeople $ 577,668.0911.7425Sean RitterBetter $ 577,668.0911.7425Sean RitterBetter Mortgage $ 5908.957.34.94.94 Kewsky VaughanBetter Mortgage $ 491,861,9891,4938Zachary DealBetter Mortgage $ 482,908,2541,4479Landon KeeterBetter Mortgage $ 474,459,3111.31210Andrew PostBetter Mortgage $ 472,554,4811,50111Robby OakesCIMGountry Mortgage $ 436,474.58.1Robby OakesCIMG Residential Mortgage $ 466,474.1Cross161 Stangtry, Cross161 Stangtry, 1Cross161 Stangtry, 1Cross161 Tseltry,,, Cross161, Tselzen89.2Cross161, Tselzer Mortgage $ 420,066,9191,20014Zoey Cigar-HodgeBetter Mortgage $ 414,035, 1481.29615Christopher KeelinFamily First Funding 399,548,9371,22016Nicolas PonzaBetter Mortgage 397,980,2411.23317Michael DaCruzblatt.03317Michael DaCruzblattBetter Mortgage 396 Mortgage $ 342,145,22280923Jeremy Dur kinTrident Mortgage $ 337,290,6691,06524Alexander KimHomeFirst Mortgage Banker $ 332,526,96084925Lizy HoefferCrossCountry Mortgage $ 325,272,6421,16726Justin BonuraNJ Lenders $ 280,641.20768927Matt AndreFBC Mortgage $ 276308,927Matt AndreFBC Mortgage Loan $ 2763068927Matt AndreFBC Mortgage $ 276308,927Matt AndreFBC Mortgage $ 277,345. $ 274,555,0951,04831Michael DeRaspeKeyBank Mortgage $ 273,590,00036332Karen NielsonGuild Mortgage $ 267,496,3041,15733James PulsipherBay Share Home Loans $ 261,688,76894434Lauren MaxwellCrossCountryBank Mortgage $ 256,116,24150890835Lauren MaxwellCrossCountryBank $ 248,249,95684038Amanda SessaSWBC Mortgage $ 241,535.78357339Brenda DintinoTotal Quality Lending $ 240,754.60257740Matthew AdlerLake Michigan Credit Union $ 220,018,95380541Jason SmithNova Home Loan $ 211,018.14 Mortgage $ 211,018.14JGeorge NesbitAcademy Mortgage $ 209,165,41373644Tammy SaulFederal Hill Mortgage $ 208,223,80760845Jennifer BeestonGuaranteed Rate $ 205,447.97354246Brian MorleyFulton Mortgage $ 200,894.96543547Chris MurphyM2 Lending Bank Solutions $ 1909489ameson, Gerek GlockeM2 Lending Bank Solutions $ 1992, 1948, Jerek GlockeM2 Lending Solutions mortgage $ 189,193,64840651Shane SiniardSWBC mortgage $ 180,161,33186352Stephen NovotnyWillamette Valley Bank $ 178,473,41562453Gregory GiokasResidential mortgage services $ 177,763,12041754Joe BigelmanJohn Adams mortgage $ 176,751,53462955Steve ThompsonGateway mortgage group $ 175,005,04480056Miles RusthSummit mortgage $ 174,719,66848557Matthew AttayaResidential mortgage services $ 174.435 , 45039558Patrick HollandEmbrace Home Loans $ 172,356.95637059Ryan ShaneSammamish Mortgage $ 172,093,96840860Joseph ChackoC2 Financial $ 171,589,89236461Kevin RetcherFirst Meridian Mortgage $ 170,225,39638362April Ye WangFairway Financ ial $ 167.46 .62430863Brian CarsonCertainty Home Loans $ 167,431.06266964Laura WitteNorthpointe Bank $ 167,197.84450965Christopher MinjarezCMG Finance $ 166,247,66866666Josh MoodyGoldwater Bank $ 166,196,56572467Kurt Branstake $ 166,196,56572467 Home Loans $ 166,196.56572467Mortgage Bank $ 166,196.56572467Kurt BranstakeRiver $ 166,196,56572467 HomeCoastal7320 $ 166,196,56572467 HomeCoastal7320 $ 166,196,56572467 164,691,55256170Brandon Burks First Bank mortgage $ 163,047 $ 163,246,11463671Brett FosterNorthpointe Bank, 70752672Jill LyonsCMG financial $ 162,181,55437173Ryan Morgan mortgage Corp East $ 161,870,70839074Wes KleckleyInterlinc mortgage $ 160,578,25858475Greg MullanGeorge Mason mortgage $ 158,235,73037276Trevor ShaneSammamish mortgage $ 158,200,67839577Tyler BahnsenHomebridge financial Services $ 156,248.09853778Reed HazardCMG Financial $ 156.017.14538679Andrew LaneCMG Finance $ 154.955.77549980Eric JorgensenSimplify Home Loans $ 154.649.94048781James CollinsCMG Financial $ 154.584.50749582Mark CharltonAcademy Mortgage $ 154.391.40040983 hristCardinal Financial $ 151,941.78246884Yes Son LernerGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 151,129,78845385Kelly ZitlowCornerstone Home Lending $ 151,043,72149686Todd RegoNova Home Loans $ 151,000,00039887Nathan BlairSimplify Home Loans $ 150,475,67642488WalterGornerstone $ 150,475.67642488Walter Mortgage 150,306,28250591Mona EdickBay Shares Home Loans $ 150,136.98158592Kelly RogersMovement Mortgage $ 149,93500957893Ryan DormanEvergreen Home Loans $ 149,754.88248394Greg GaleNova Home Loans $ 148,509.74550295Nathan WalkerSimplifyes $ 148.43550295 Mortgage Services America $ 148.509.74550295Ruba , 07052198Gina AllmanEnt Credit Union $ 146,094.75154899Al RodriguezCMG Finance $ 145,895,396267100Chris LeonNova Home Loans $ 144,724.747666101Ryan, BarryNJ Lender $ 144,687,899318102Nick MaddockGuild Mortgage $ 144,598,685694103Jfoshua Jensen Association surfaces you home loans $ 143.357.214457104Dwight Taylor George Mason Mortgage $ 143.137.028414105Allison Davis George Mason Mortgage $ 141,518,402587106Nicholas Onstad-HawesSammamish mortgage $ 141,076,530356107Sarah KohutGuaranteed rate $ 140,745,622258108Sofia Aerakis TravayiakisMortgage Network $ 138,937,118295109Sam AtapourEmbrace Home Loans $ 138,661,726291110Jenny PierceSimplify Home Loans $ 138,653,610434111Brian Kempf George Mason mortgage $ 137,770,324256112Charadie FinkleAcademy mortgage $ 137,582,562438113Teresa MilchuckFirstBank $ 137,380,412442114Joseph CipolloCMG financial 137,156,841484115Angela $ Kakos1st Securities mortgage $ 137,049,559566116Benjamin ZittingBay share Home Loans $ 136,901,102463117Alexander Jaffe First Home mortgage $ 135.758, 553307118Joseph HarrySimplify Home Loans $ 135,456,620422119David KingSWBC Mortgage $ 134,875,638412120Daniel BelloResidential Mortgage Services $ 134,700,685328121Brian WoltmanEmbrace Home Loans $ 134,183.504319122Judy P hilipsJ Philips Mortgage $ 134.020, 478423123Debra SecordGuild Mortgage $ 132.749.203439124Todd StruykBay Equity Home Loans $ 131.964.066272125Anwer MangrioUIF Corp. $ 131,743, 213327126Spiro HishmehPremier lending $ 131,678,636247127April JanasBay share Home Loans $ 131,000,000358128Adam HammondFirstBank mortgage $ 129,961,553500129Kim Creanova Home Loans $ 129,750,445380130Eric VavereNeo Home Loans $ 129,613,423201131Adam CornacchioWSFS mortgage $ 129,372,433469132Melissa CaciResidential Mortgage Services $ 129.087, 795328133Michael BovairdNJ Lenders $ 129,035,562303134April Reichert Guild mortgage 127 263 $, 394379135Jaclyn LittonLitton mortgage $ 127,211,697563136Clint HammondMortgage network $ 126,930,503477137Joe MasseyCastle & Cooke mortgage $ 125,133,624390138Kathryn PedersenBay share $ 124,997,860381139Andrew AugustyniakPeoples mortgage $ 124,349,769491140Andy Burton Waterstone mortgage $ 124.098, 629413141Mark VeechNJ Lenders $ 123,481,803317142Joshua RubinFirst Securities Mortgage $ 122,390,250451143Michael RichardsonBay Shares Home Loans $ 120,979, 587369144Chris MagnottaGuild Mortgage $ 120,000,000355145David HostermanCitywide $ Home loans $ 118,948,543435146Amy GossResidential Mortgage Serv ices 118,354,891582147Michael BushResidential Mortgage Services $ 118,055,000350148Tom BechtelEnt Credit Union $ 117,189,053407149Meghan MerrillCMG Financial $ 117,162,974489150Andrew Harris Vantage Mortgage Group $ 116,956,870330151Ryan GilliamWaterstone mortgage $ 116,423,483463152Steve RockefellerGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 115,937,352340153Jasmine KrnjetinWaterstone mortgage $ 115,881,564382154David PresselBayshore mortgage financing $ 115,732,547332155Curtis KravitzBay equity Home Loans $ 115,404,165268156Silverio Garcia Golden Empire mortgage $ 114,928,328263157Shelby WestonInterLinc mortgage $ 114,804,912568158Travis GarlickSimplify Home Loans $ 114,618,360354159Michelle Bruto da Costa Homebridge Financial Services $ 114,337,916330160 Paddi BaileyGateway Mortgage $ 113,011,478434161Eric NewmanMovement Mortgage $ 112,602,607348162Ian McLellanNorthpointe Bank $ 112,470,444365163Scott StinsonFBC Hyp Mortgage $ 112,361, 683422164Shirley StangeEnt Credit Union $ 111,584,948403165Jim KingWillamette Valley Bank $ 111,494,946345166Debra Z. entnerCMG Mortgage $ 111,132.078220167Tim BarbieriOceanside Mortgage $ 110,661.427580168 $ 110,661.427580168Land44Andhammer Loan Home Equity Mortgage $ 110,661.427580168Grahamhhammer Loan $ 110,661.427580168Grahamhammer Loans $ 110,518,547334171Michael DewittHighlands residential mortgages $ 109,993,905391172Todd BinkleyGateway mortgage group $ 109,867,571433173Richard HolsmanBay share Home Loans $ 109,836,290262174Jason Smith Northpointe Bank $ 109,615,489348175Jerry DeMaioFamily first funding $ 109,549,757350176Sarah EngstromPriority mortgage Corp $ 109,515,168456177Michael TrejoBridgepoint financing $ 109.304, 161237178Mike RafiiBay Shares Home Loans $ 109,093,408208179Ashley OrtegaCMG Mortgage $ 107,714,564224180Jack LittleGateway Mortgage $ 106,817.534407181Celina TominnaPoint Mortgage $ 105,805,254261182Jim KoopsNorthpointe Bank $ 105,498,543335183Kyle MurataCMG Financial $ 105,286, 427199184Sandra Potter Field Intercoastal Mortgage $ 104.722.789232185Niket PatankarPredian Mortgage $ 104.448.552187186Molly N. adeau-PetersonWaterstone mortgage $ 104,174,853438187Enzo MoralesC2 Financial $ 104,147,836244188Katherine Rice Guild Mortgage $ 104,026,764277189Mary GreenwoodEnt Credit Union $ 103,976,322392190Pranav SahaiJumbo Loan experts $ 103,457,048292191Randy ErnstGuaranteed rate $ 103,273,340327192Tom McMurrayKarbon financial 103,263,037232193Trevor $ McFarlandResidential mortgage services $ 102,999,519398194Suzi GradisarEnt credit Union 102 145 $, 675448195John OlbrichAmerican security mortgage Lenders $ 102,123,802221196Richard AlashaianNJ $ 101,943,262231197Christopher GrangerBay share Home Loans $ 101,894,910177198Vick BediSD Capital Funding $ 101,443,839239199John AragonHighlands Residential Mortgage $ 101,394,148327200Michelle CastleGuild Mortgage $ 101,054,235491201Jeffrey NovotnyGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 100,564, 727254202Eric ParsonsCapital Bank Home Loans $ 100,518,703250203Raul EspinozaBay home equity loans $ 100.431.503207204Jonathan LibmanResidential Mortgage Services $ 100.090.766300205Jimmy ParsonsGuild Mortgage $ 99,293, 128426206David RobbinsGolden Lenders $ 97,683,687286207Andrew Oliva Oceanside Mortgage $ 97,490,967537208Christine FarringtonBay share Home Loans $ 96,829,951341209Timothy WeberM2 Lending Solutions $ 95,042,948287210Lindsey WaldronGuild mortgage $ 94,970,538302211Michael SmalleyWaterstone mortgage $ 94,653,798362212Scott JamesBay share Home Loans $ 94,413,927235213Josh CampbellCMG financial 94,070,650373214Anthony $ VanDykeALV mortgage $ 93,330 518301215Andrew ByrdWillamette Valley Bank $ 93,046,484329216Matt Schwartz Southlake mortgage $ 93,046,461381217Michael Wright Summit Mortgage $ 92,896,926281218Allen CoombsBay Shares Home Loans $ 92,509.411363219Andrew SiddonGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 92,488,844190220Gerald ZapolHomeSpire Mortgage $ 92,301.962216221Rachelle CoffeyHo meowners Financial Group $ 92,070,669344222Jared ReadSimplify Home Loans $ 91,838,632294223Kelly TaylorFBC Mortgage, $ 91,744,018335224Carlo ColantonioCMG Financial $ 91,676,802417225Stephen SeidlerHomebridge Financial Services $ 91,592.208169226 Loans $ 90,550.979222229Brian NeumannMortgage Network $ 90,425,431288230Katherine OsbornCMG Mortgage $ 90,369.412165231Carter CampbellALV Mortgage $ 90,148,917264232Joel Van AschHomebridge Financial Services $ 89,893,469270233 EnglandMortgage $ 89,893,469270233Jannie1981234KennberPoint GenterGolden Rich Mortgage $ 89,303,415181237Ann FisherTowne Bank $ 88,884.506260238Laurie KleisslerOceanside Mortgage $ 88,405.976504239Anthony MaroneNJ Lenders $ 88,209.722260240Eric SteenstraResidential Mortgage Services $ 88,195.17 5262241Gavin BrayceGuild mortgage $ 88,139,718179242Daniel MoralezNorthpointe Bank $ 88,102,025350243Desiree LoweSupreme lending $ 87,321,690208244Mike Hardy Churchill Mortgage $ 86,608, 986202245Randy LippCertainty Home Loans $ 85.948.255311246Michael KellyNJ Lenders $ 85.074.751224247Sandy L. DavisNJ Lenders $ 84,938,707 264248Adam BolesBay share Home Loans $ 83,699,177233249Crista LowrieHuntingdon Valley Bank $ 83,460,274316250Julie Whale Guild mortgage $ 82,633,118240251Michael James BedellFBC mortgage $ 82,472,975279252Russell Nash George Mason mortgage $ 82,451,699298253Michael QuinNorthpointe Bank $ 82,442,932274254Meinoh KimLoanDepot $ 82,296,002177255David Kuiper Northpointe Bank $ 81,882,219360256Martin YapurHomebridge $ 81,759,585219257Jeffrey BlaxlandHomeFirst Mortgage Banker $ 81,667,780207258Kevin GreeneHighlands Residential Mortgages $ 81,492,477229259Paul Knopf Jr.InterLinc Mortgage Services $ 81,285,939320260Molly MeekerBay Shares Home Loans $ 81,166.1392732 James KileyOceanside mortgage $ 80,868,136382262Boyce Williams Homebridge Financial Services $ 80,852,752249263Gary KonkelFBC mortgage $ 80,826,732198264Dean RiddellSWBC mortgage $ 80,794,440364265Ryan Bird Northpointe Bank $ 80.491.691256266Kurt McClearenNova home loans $ 80.485.208316267Jeremy WallisWillamette Valley Bank $ 80.065.6771261268Michael HaighSupreme Lend ing $ 80,000 , 000100269Frank Perna Jr.Intercoastal Mortgage $ 80,000,000120270Lynsey CampHighlands Residential Mortgages $ 79,955.630372271Michael UllmannFirst Heritage Mortgage $ 79,913.933220272Scott FosgateFBC Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesside Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesside Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesidein $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesside Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesside Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesidein $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesside Mortgage $ 79,549.293233273Michaelesside $ 79,549.293233273 254184276Kimberly BeanSummit Mortgage $ 78,943,270248277Keith BiceFBC Mortgage $ 78,868,584322278Janine IulianoBay Shares Home Loans $ 78,566.554320279Josh BarnesCertainty Home Loans $ 78,565.751369280Kelley SandersGuil d Mortgage $ 78,147,207393281Ray FergusonBay Shares Home Loans $ 77,436,977183282Peter ContoGeorge Mason Mortgage, LLC $ 77,366,912156283Chad WilhelmSWBC Mortgage $ 77,260,939303284Augustus BukhusonBay Services $ 76,436,977183282Childretti Union $ 764ettes Mortgage Credit $ 76425esR285. 594222287Jill SheldonCMG Financial $ 76.368.685277288Angelo LeferNJ lenders $ 75.979.46 6192289Brian FullmerWillamette Valley Bank $ 75,590,109272290Chad CantrellCertainty Home Loans $ 75,492,940385291Jason PikeWaterstone mortgage $ 74,248,657249292Fidel Dorado Golden Empire mortgage $ 73,840,120432293Kevin PatrickHomespire mortgage $ 73,716,968334294Kunal KhannaFairfax mortgage investments $ 73,620,973175295Greg BalawajderFBC Mortgage $ 73,572,749178296Bobby KurpinskyNorthpointe Bank $ 72,655,453196297Gwen SwainWaterstone Mortgage $ 72,530.726302298John FosgateFBC Mortgage $ 72,214.992250299Jeff Nicola51 e boats Highlands Residential mortgages $ 72,029,357322301Chris DokeGateway First Bank $ 71,802,220312302Michael EncarnacionloanDepot $ 71,768,015138303Greg SandsEnt Credit Union $ 71,579,693239304Dan PattySolcosta Home Loans $ 70,945,484177305David Goldberg First Federal Bank $ 70,739,584193306Douglas BatemanGold Financial Services $ 70,135, 568243307Jennifer MericleBay Equity Home Loans $ 70,059,855209308Lisa CapicchioniResidential Mortgage Services $ 70,029,007244309Ba rt EylerBay Shares Homes Loans $ 69,688,634168310Katie EsricksonBay Shares Homes Loans $ 69,471.161181311Andrew HannahR and R Loans $ 69,41330,160202312Bummit Homes Loans $ 69,41330,160202312,768,324.396 Mortgage Loans RaboldWaterstone Mortgage $ 68,166.974231315Chris PadleyGateway First Bank $ 68,044.655288316Jay Whitebay Shares Home Loans $ 67,850 666270317Travis WrightMortgage Network $ 67,842,985306318Ralph TancrediManasquan Bank $ 67,619,167139319Ashley Borrowing Services $ 67,252,896254320Shawn BarsnessEmbrace Home Loans $ 67,155.982145321Kevin RojasEnt Credit Union $ 66,870.031194322Mike DavidWaterstone Mortgage $ 66,774,944294323Anthony NicholasHudson United Mortgage $ 66,751,000188324HomebridgeHomebridgeMortgage Services $ 66,751,000188324Homebridge $ 66,751,000188324Homebridge Residential Mortgage $ 66,751,000188324Homebridge $ 66,751,000188324 $ 66.287.893279327Jamie HughesBay equity Home Loans $ 66.056.208133328Philip ChavezCB & T mortgage $ 66.052.740201329 Rylan MaddoxHomebridge Financial Services $ 65,969,363100330Bill DuffHighlands residential mortgages $ 65,819,678199331Paul CazalasSWBC mortgage $ 65,518,792209332Kevin GramppBay share Home Loans $ 65,485,346283333Rudy FerranteResidential mortgage Services $ 65,364,670238334Tom ThussCertainty Home Loans $ 65,340,242401335Lynn Chenaur-BridgesBay Shares Home Loans $ 65,113,275133336Alex McMasterMetro Credit Union $ 64,796 127176337Kathy SirkisC2 Financial Corporatio n $ 64,680,392133338Otmane LaasselHomespire mortgage $ 64,603,770205339Lee UtleyFBC mortgage $ 64,592,048239340Chip ThompsonSWBC mortgage $ 64,580,159238341Jim JuergensCertainty Home Loans $ 64,281,734208342Will LuperMovement mortgage $ 64,213,312349343Buddy Green Ebay shares Home Loans $ 64,090,745145344Toby TollackBay share Home Loans $ 64.044 , 078134345Darren SoodakBancStar mortgage, $ 64,000,000175346Loren About First California Funding $ 63,959,108111347Chris GoodmanSWBC mortgage $ 63,955,450209348Cody UngerOn Q Financial $ 63,198,656232349Kim BryantBay equity Home loan mortgage $ 63,095,921172350Sean WilliamsSWBC $ 62,951,888186351Chris BufisNewTowne mortgage $ 62,417,069190352Jason YourofskyAtlantis Mortgage $ 62,401,905196353Travis HowardWaterstone Mortgage $ 62,256,085192354Bart SwanCertainty Home Loans $ 62,073,782208355Sheri KeenePoint Mortgage $ 62,062,700184356Jarad BrownCertainty Home Loans $ 61,417.942260357Amy RankGuilda $ 61,417.942260357.161,417.942260357Amy Remington ntial mortgage services $ 60,658 288244359Michael McElroyGateway Mortgage Group $ 60,385,105335360Jake GolembiewskiPeoples mortgage $ 60,338,898225361Jennifer ZherebilovGuild mortgage $ 60,209,066166362Michael McDermottBay share Home Loans $ 60,173,822233363Brian BeecraftFidelity mortgage $ 60,170,919254364Todd SwansonC2 financial 59,975,423149365John $ Gabaldon Jr.Waterstone mortgage $ 59,960,354323366Tanya BonillaPark Place Home Mortgage $ 59,682,288216367Tim, R SmithCrossCountry Mortgage $ 59,682,036272368Doug SalzmanGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 59,604,709163369Mike HarmsBay Equity Home Loans $ 59,354,187WhiteSley Home Loans $ 59,354,187W6314WBwnBank $ 59,052,085141373Jim BlackburnCrossCountry Mortgage $ 58,929,089190374Tom HeathNova Home Loans $ 58,772,162270375Trever KerrGateway Mortgage $ 58,264,482254376Zach LarichiutaHomebridge Financial Services $ 58,125,686174377Danny TyrochMovement 8,010.003181378Gretchen CurticeGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 57,500.253183379Lloyd White Jr.Summit Mortgage $ 57,456.761193380Marleen PaquetteResidential Mortgage Services $ 57,428.856230381Matthew DavidsonEnt Credit Union $ 57,232.67.12230388BertayidansCredit Union Shares $ 57,232.672230388Bertayidans Home Loans Services $ 56,946,269201385Amy CostaFBC Mortgage $ 56,569,379137386Krista EllisGeorge Mason Mortgage $ 56,566,143119387Daniel PerezGolden Empire Mortgage $ 56,263,665137388Laura BeslerBay Equity Home Loans $ 55,969.931256Gaterstone90 $ 55,381,217205392Audra MartinWescom Credit Union $ 55,168,918114393Robert AdamsFBC Mortgage $ 54,985.033269394Laura Edwards IversonBay Shares Home Loans $ 54,858,884239395Tony FerrariMid America Mortgage $ 54,446,119194396,549215397 the Valley Bank ie ScottMovement Mortgage $ 53,849,826234398 Michael BogarMid America Mortgage $ 53,783, 868 200 399Charlie BeagleBay Equity Home Loans 53,776,088225400Craig ONeilMortgage & Realty Professionals 53,321,906 110 USD

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