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The perfect monetary personalities to comply with on social media

Social media can be a time sink or a tool for becoming your best self – it all depends on how you curate your feed.

However, carefully choosing who to follow is not just about getting the best advice and information. It's also about finding the personalities that inspire and challenge you again and again.

By following the best and brightest personal finance experts, you will learn to think about money the way they do. Here are some of our favorite accounts to check out.

1. Tori Dunlap // HerFirst $ 100K

Gen Z financial expert Tori Dunlap focuses on career issues such as negotiating and getting a new job. However, she also goes into general financial topics such as the option of investing or switching to a high-yield savings account. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for bite-sized snippets on how to simplify and improve your finances.

2. Daniella // I like to try

Daniella is the queen of sideline activities and shares her secrets for making money online. If you have graphic design and social media experience and want to make money, follow Daniella for tips on monetizing these skills.

3. Travis Hornsby // Student Loan Planner

If you find student loans as confusing as speaking any other language you must follow Travis Hornsby of the Student Loan Planner. Hornsby explains the latest on student loan news, as well as the intricacies of the finer details about student loans, like the differences between different federal repayment plans or how to qualify for loans. Follow the Student Loan Planner to stay up to date on any important changes that could affect your student loans.

4. Jeremy Schneider // Personal Finance Club

Jeremy Schneider creates emoji-filled charts and graphs that explain basic investment concepts, such as: B. How compound interest works or the calculation of your net worth. Even a novice will find it easy to understand – and most importantly – easy to implement, Jeremy's contributions. Follow him on Instagram if you want to learn how to make investments work for you.

5. Chris Browning // Popcorn Finance

The mission of Chris Browning's Popcorn Finance podcast is to explain personal finance topics in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn. His social media feed contains excerpts from his interviews with other personal finance experts on topics such as "Will my student loans affect my creditworthiness?" about "how you tell your friends you are broke."

6. Carmen Perez // Make real pennies

Carmen Perez has paid off $ 57,000 in debt in about two years. As a tech woman, she shares her advice on increasing your income, paying off debts, and investing. With their various wigs and costumes, Perez's fun Reels and TikTok videos show easy ways to save money, invest, and live on a budget.

7. Haley Sacks // Mrs. Dow Jones

Haley Sacks combines humor and investing know-how on her Instagram page and her YouTube channel. She shares basic educational investment videos like setting up a robo advisor account, as well as fun videos like "What Cardi B Taught Me About Money". Follow her if you want to combine your investing knowledge with a side of New York energy.

8. John and David // Debt Free Guys

Queer Money Podcast hosts John and David of the Debt Free Guys are a married couple who paid off $ 51,000 in credit card debt. Now they are helping other couples and LGBTQ people realize that debt freedom is not a lonely, tricky existence. Follow these tips to pay off credit cards and have a good budget.

9. Delyanne Barros // The money coach

Finance educator Delyanne Barros is on her way to financial independence – and she's got you going. Unlike other lumbering advocates of financial independence, Barros does not believe that their followers must self-deprived in order to live a rich life. Instead, she explains that smart investment strategy is the best way to build wealth.

10. Berna Anat // Hey Berna

Paying off debts or learning how to save money can leave you years behind everyone else. This is why you should follow Berna Anat on social media. Known as the "Financial Hype Woman," she celebrates her followers' gains such as reaching $ 2,000 in an emergency fund or repaying $ 2,500 in credit card debt with a personal dance for each person.

11. Allison Baggerly // Inspired Budget

Former teacher Allison Baggerly is all about budgets. Unlike traditional personal finance personalities, it does not dictate a "one-size-fits-all" budget. Instead, Baggerly gives feedback on real budgets and explains the emotional reasons for spending too much.

12. Sahirenys Pierce // Poisedfinancelifestyle

Latina finance educator Sahirenys Pierce gives financial advice in English and Spanish. Check out their two-minute Tuesday Q&A sessions where they ask questions like "When will my stimulus check be posted?" Answered. and "What method did you use to pay off your debt?"

Their trademark "High-5 Banking Method" explains how you can set up five separate bank accounts to help you achieve your main goals without budgeting every dollar.

13. Bridget Casey // Money After Graduation

Canadian personal finance expert Bridget Casey explains the pros and cons of investing on her social media platform. She explains how you can earn a lifetime of free latte by buying Starbucks stock, or why robo-advisors are the perfect way to start investing. Casey is Canadian, but her content is relevant to Americans as well.

14. Tiffany Aliche // The Budgenista

Tiffany Aliche was recently nominated for Outstanding Social Media Personality at the NAACP Image Awards and is America's money teacher. As a former preschool teacher, Aliche answers questions like "How do I build good credit?" and "How do I save for a deposit?"

15. Jason Vitug // Phroogal

Jason Vitug exudes financial wellbeing. His social media posts focus on living a more fulfilling and balanced life with money. Instead of focusing on the dollars and cents that are behind financial decisions, he wants people to understand why they are spending money and how they can make financial decisions that are consistent with their values.

16. Talaat and Tai McNeely // His and her money

Money problems are cited as the main reason for divorce – but his and Her Money's financial experts Talaat and Tai McNeely can keep your relationship from suffering the same fate. Specifically, the couple, who paid off their $ 330,000 mortgage in five years, are focused on general money problems affecting marriages.

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