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The one life hack that each excessive performer can grasp

How to "increase" the need in your professional and private life in order to achieve top performance.

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28, 2021

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After reading a chapter on the idea of ​​"increasing the need" in the CEO of High Performance Institute, Brendon Burchard, I began to ponder how to apply the idea or not to refuse to sit around HOP things happen, but them to do because I have to.

Make milestones binding

The truth is, you don't have to do anything: you don't have to get up, improve your relationships, or show up for work. The downside is, why not want to excel in everything you do?

This is the key factor that largely sets high achievers apart from everyone else. It is the drive that makes success a must rather than a wish. They don't sit around hoping for problems they can fix themselves. You get to work because there is no other option.

Being able to prioritize or increase the need when changes occur puts them in control. Those who internalize this in their behavior score in the High Performers Index in various categories at the highest level: They find their curiosity pleasing, deepen their understanding and then perform at their best at all times.

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Learn to spot roadblocks

High achievers use deadlines to create requirements and prioritize what is important, when it is important, and why they need to constantly remember their goals. In this way they build their environment in such a way that it fits into a positive, productive environment, while avoiding any negative or conflicted relationships. Because there is no other choice for them. You have a need. You are only as extraordinary as you make yourself and your commitments. Do what is important to you, determine your needs, and make a commitment to make your dreams come true. There is more confidence, success, and happiness that comes with the power of necessity.

The need to increase means taking performance to a level higher than anything you've ever done in your life, but like most things in life, everything is easier said than done …

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Applying the practice by punishing my body

When I visited Kona for Half Iron Man a few years ago, several fellow CEOs invited me to participate. I had never run a marathon before and that was eight weeks away. I decided I had to challenge myself. As a result, I decided to tell my co-workers that I was going to step on the damn thing. Has my need been addressed? Incredible. Outside of normal readings. I now had eight weeks to prepare. Increasing necessity means setting goals and committing to them. What are you doing to improve emotionally, with your family, business, and physical well-being? I urge you to raise the standards for yourself to do more than ever before.

Did I finish the Kona Half Iron Man? Yes, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. These are some things that inspired me to increase the need in my life and I hope they inspired you to do the same.

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