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The office of the long run: put together and keep your profession

Jobs have always evolved with technology, trends and research. The changing environment of our global economy and technological advances mean that companies have to adapt to remain competitive. This also means that employees should look ahead and focus on the skills that occupy them and open up new career opportunities.

Looking to our immediate future, we see offices deploying teleworking tools and implementing flexible schedules to keep and maintain qualified people social responsibility for the health and well-being of their teams.

With increasing dependence on technology, we also see a major shift towards prioritizing soft skills. Early users of artificial intelligence technology report a 16 percent increase in the need for leadership positions in companies as the need for researchers decreases and advanced technologies fill the gap.

The best way to prepare for the office of the future is: Set career goals and develop new skills, e.g. B. How to lead a productive meeting and work together in a team to increase productivity. Taking responsibility for your skills and results can impress your manager and set you up for success when you negotiate your salary at your next performance review.

Read more about trends in the workplace and how invest in your future below:

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