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Our list of franchise companies that are best positioned for growth even in uncertain times.

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4, 2020

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August 2020
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Every year in December, we publish in Entrepreneur a list of the “hottest” categories we have forecast for the franchise expansion in the coming year. And we usually publish an update on this list every summer – not the categories, but the information about the rapidly growing or newly launched franchisees in those categories.

But this year, as we were preparing to update the list, we were faced with the question: should we change the categories from those we listed in December when the world looked and felt completely different? While companies in some of these categories were not considered essential and were affected by the COVID 19 shutdowns, many also found creative ways to continue serving customers during this period. And we believe that even those who haven't done so will ultimately benefit from the fact that absence makes the heart beat faster. It is unlikely that anyone will ever take for granted the opportunity to go to the gym or family entertainment center. In the end, we just removed a few categories (including breakfast, Mexican food, and juices / acai bowls that are on our list of "Top 200 Food Franchises") and added one that has grown in popularity over time Shutdowns: home improvement.

The road ahead will still bring many challenges for companies in every industry, and different franchisors and franchisees will tackle these challenges differently. So keep in mind that this list is not a recommendation from a specific franchise company. It is more important than ever to do your own research before investing in an opportunity. Read the FDD, consult accountants and lawyers, and speak to existing and former franchisees to decide if the franchise is right for you. For more information on a specific franchise, click on the company name.

ChildcareEntertainment / RecreationFitness BusinessHealthHome ImprovementPetsRestoration Services


Childcare businesses were even more important this year than ever for key workers who couldn't stay at home with their little ones. And those parents who could stay at home have probably received new appreciation for the work these companies do to raise and care for their children. As the economy opens up again and more parents return to the office, this category should only continue to grow.

Genius kids

Preschool, daycare and public enrichment programs

Entertainment / recreation

Entertainment and recreation companies were understandably not considered essential during the downtimes. Yet people needed more than ever to keep themselves busy and distracted from the world – and many of these companies found creative ways to meet that need, such as offering DIY take-away projects and online party services.

Ctrl V.

Arcades of virtual reality


Climbing and family entertainment facilities

Sky zone

Trampoline parks / entertainment centers

Fitness company

When the pandemic broke out, many fitness franchises were able to turn quickly and offer courses to their customers online. Still, many people were keen to go back to the gym when the restrictions were lifted, and since health is more important than ever, this already strong category should only see more growth in the future.

Alkalign Studios

Group fitness courses, streaming fitness courses, nutrition coaching


Prenatal and postpartum fitness and wellness programs

Honor yoga

Yoga, meditation, teacher training, retreats


Group fitness courses, conventions, clothing and accessories

9th round

Kickboxing fitness circuit training centers


Supported stretching courses and associated therapy services


Boxing, kick boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, intensive interval training and group fitness courses


Being healthy has become more important than ever, so this small but growing category is likely to look more attractive to potential franchisees than ever. And there is something for everyone here, from traditional health services to alternative offerings such as acupuncture, cryotherapy, IV therapy and cannabis.

4ever young

Preventive health, wellness and aesthetic services


Cryotherapy, wellness and pain therapy services

101 mobility

Sales and service of mobility and accessibility devices


Sales of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products

Vegan fine foods

Vegan health and beauty shops / cafes / vitamin and supplement shops


As people spent more time in their homes, many turned to home improvement, repair, and remodeling projects to keep themselves busy. Most hardware stores and service companies were able to remain open during this time and adjust their services to maintain adequate social distance and hygiene, with some even targeting virtual consultations.

ABC seamless

Seamless siding, soffit, cover, gutters, windows, roof


Garage cupboards, floor coatings, organization products

Glass doctor

Installation, repair and exchange of glass from car / residential / commercial


Timber and hardware stores

Mr. Appliance

Installation and repair of household and commercial equipment

Mr. Handyman

Repair, maintenance and improvement services for residential and commercial buildings


Laying, treating, repairing and restoring concrete floors

Window world

Replacement windows, doors, siding and other products for exterior remodeling


According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent an estimated $ 75 billion on their furry friends last year, and although spending in other areas has decreased, people are still willing to sacrifice for their pets. In addition, most pet stores remained qualified as "essential companies" during decommissioning, and other companies, such as day care centers for dogs, remained open to care for medical pets.


Day care, food and wellness offers for dogs

EarthWise Pet

Pet food and supplies, grooming, self-washing, training and walking


Delivery of pet products


Pets, pet supplies, meals, daycare, care


Natural animal feed and accessories; Wash the dog yourself


Dog walk, pet care, mobile pet care

Zoom space

Indoor dog training and socialization, pet products

Restoration services

Restoration companies have long had a reputation for being recession-proof, and they can now prove it. Since disasters do not stop regardless of the circumstances, they were obviously seen as essential companies and many found their services more in demand than usual during the downtimes.


Cleaning of crime scenes and trauma scenes


Carpet and upholstery cleaning, disaster protection, mold remediation

1-800 packouts

Packaging, cleaning, storage and restoration of building contents


Restoration and restoration of property damage


Cleaning, restoring fire, water and other damage

Spaulding decon

Crime scene, meth laboratory and hoard cleaning; Mold remediation; Buying a house


Insurance / disaster restoration, cleaning, mold remediation, air quality control

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