The Moneyist: "We, the certified taxpayers, shouldn't must endure": When do I get my FIRST stimulus verify?

Dear moneyist,

I have the feeling that I was wrongly denied the stimulus payment. In 2019, I made a total of $ 51,331. My registration status was "single, no children". On April 10th, 20 I was denied the economic stimulus because the IRS based my income on my taxes for 2018.

As a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, I was permanently fired from my job. I was the head of the department that processed and matched the quotes from the park written by my city.

Since mid-March, the number of parking quotes has dropped dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in a significant drop in sales in my department, which has resulted in me losing my job.

I don't understand why they can't send the stimulus checks for the qualified people according to their taxes for 2019. Why didn't they put the checks on hold until taxes for 2019 came in, when the taxes for 2018 weren't qualified, rather than denying people who were really qualified with certainty?

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This timing game prevents qualified people from getting the much-needed support. I understand there was no time to iron everything out before the checks were handed out. But why not fill this gap and send the checks that really benefit from the 2019 taxes?

I have been told by the IRS that they cannot go back to their original decision. It is obvious that this decision was rushed and not thought through. We, the qualified taxpayers, should not have to suffer from this gap.

I don't earn high income. My income for 2018 increased due to a payout of 401 (k) that I had to use due to a planned layoff in 2018 to save my house.

I really wish someone could help. The $ 1,200 is urgently needed.

A very disappointed unemployed taxpayer

Dear disappointed,

I am very sorry that you have been released.

The pandemic has affected so many parts of the economy. The parking ticket income was an area that did not occur to me. I understand that you are frustrated and it feels unfair. However, I hope that the additional weekly unemployment benefits of $ 600 have helped to simplify the administration of these past months. I know it's more for some people than for others, but the $ 2.2 trillion CARES law has helped alleviate that burden for millions of Americans in a situation similar to your own.

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Had the Internal Revenue Service delayed the stimulus check program for you and others like you, it would have delayed it for millions of other Americans. It didn't work with the precision of a Swiss watch, but IRS staff worked hard to send as many checks as possible to people – with the challenges of computer networks that weren't designed for such a public – health and financial hardship.

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The good news: Your $ 1,200 stimulus check will go into your 2020 tax refund. Legislators are still struggling for the details of the next stimulus package. "It is clear that no phase 4 deal will be finalized until the week of August 3rd, which remains our base case," said analysts from Beacon Policy Advisors in a release on Thursday. "Given the current lack of unity among the Republicans, which could slow down the pace of negotiations with Democrats, a final deal could slide even a few days into the week of August 10."

The bad news: it will also be based on tax returns for 2019.

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