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The Mexico Metropolis prosecutor is on the lookout for 100 expert staff

The organization opened the call for law career graduates.

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21, 2020

2 min read

This article has been translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

Applicants can register on working days and hours from October 19-23, 2020.

The Mexico City Attorney General has issued a call for lawyers. They want to involve 100 new people in order to strengthen the areas of investigation, among other things, in connection with corruption and gender crimes.

To apply, people must:

Completed two years ago. Write a reason explaining your desire to work in the body. Send two letters of recommendation. Be at least 25 years old. Be of Mexican nationality and, in the case of men, have accredited National Military Service, among other things.

Prosecutors say they are looking for people with postgraduate courses on issues of gender-based violence, enforced disappearances, the fight against corruption, or the fight against corruption and elections.

How do I sign up for the call?

Applicants can register on working days and hours from October 19-23, 2020. The required documentation must be scanned in PDF format, one at a time. To consult it in full, you can go to the official website of the Institute of Vocational and Higher Education.

When you have met all the requirements, you need to request your registration by sending an email to the address There you will need to provide your full name, home phone, cell phone number, personal email address and company name to call. You are interested in (gender crimes, enforced disappearance crimes, corruption-related crimes, election crimes).

You must enclose the required documents in PDF and Excel format. A recruiter is then responsible for tracking and processing the registration request. A registration sheet will be sent to those who meet all the requirements.

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