The Margin: Trump says Anthony Scaramucci "simply made a idiot of himself" on Fox Information – you’re the decide

President Donald Trump met Fox News on Sunday night and, on Steve Hilton's show, came across his former White House communications director who devastated him.

"The president actually failed in his mission," said Scaramucci. No. 1: The economy is upside down … No. 2: He politicized the pandemic. And the last one … we're shrinking the tent. To expand the tent, we must reshape and reshape the Republican Party. "

The controversial interview lasted almost 10 minutes. The two argued over the president's Twitter feed, his tax plan, racism, and the worthiness of Joe Biden as a candidate.

"The President of the United States is a tyrant," said Scaramucci, predicting a Biden win in November. "The President of the United States is a divisor and he lies about science."

Watch the full video:

What did Trump think of what Scaramucci, who only worked for eleven days in the White House, had to say about him? Well, he took the criticism thoughtfully, admitting he could do better, and offered reasonable counterpoints.

I'm just having fun. He fired this tweet:

And with that, “Scaramucci” quickly became a hot topic on Twitter
, as the expected partisan dispute dominating the social media discussion:

Then there was Scaramucci's answer:

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