The Margin: Critics say Trump supporters are holding an early voting location occasion in Virginia to intimidate and repress

A day after cable news stations broadcast images of election day lines at some polling stations in suburban Virginia and elsewhere on the opening day of the early voting period, a Washington, DC photographer and filmmaker posted footage of protesters who appeared to be panning for some of them Trump flags, Trump pence signs and other paraphernalia with masks that are considered a rarity and are reported to cause contagion concerns for some who show up at the polling station to vote:

On Saturday's website, chants of "Four More Years" appeared to be hit, at least occasionally, by a competing "No More Years" as online observers expressed outrage and disappointment:

The state Republican Party appeared to mockly complain about those who complained that not only the pro-Trump demonstration and signage might be a violation of electoral rules, but that the group might have intended to restrict access or constrain voters scare off, and pointed out on Twitter that a "Waaaambulanz" should be called:

Observers, including the head of the county's Democratic Party organization, eventually reported that those who stood in line to vote were taken inside – potentially increasing the risk of coronavirus infection – and that the protesters dispersed as one Security detail appeared on site.

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