The inform: Tesla Bitcoin transfer introduced in $ 1 billion, greater than 2020 revenue from automotive gross sales, the analyst estimates

Much has been made of the large amount that Tesla Inc. invested in Bitcoin, a speculative commodity that has only been around since 2009.

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According to initial estimates by well-known technology analyst Dan Ives, the electric vehicle manufacturer's investment, led by outspoken CEO Elon Musk, already sees a profit from digital paper of at least $ 1 billion as the price of the asset rises to record levels.

“Based on our calculations, we estimate that Tesla has made around $ 1 billion in profit so far last month. To put this in perspective, Tesla is well on its way to making more of its Bitcoin investments than of selling its [electric vehicle] car throughout 2020, ”Wedbush prolific analyst Dan Ives wrote in a Saturday afternoon release Note.

Earlier this month, Tesla Inc.
became the youngest and most well-known large company to invest in Bitcoin, underscoring the increasing adoption of crypto. The Palo Alto, California-based company announced in a public filing on Feb. 8 that it had purchased $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin
+ 2.31%
and that it expects to accept payments in the cryptocurrency for its products in the future.

Tesla's move to invest in Bitcoin was seen as further confirmation of the legitimacy of the nascent asset, which only existed about 12 years ago.

On Friday, the price of Bitcoin soared to a record high of around $ 54,000, surpassing an overall market valuation of $ 1 trillion, further bolstering the perception of crypto as a legitimate, if not nascent good.

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According to CoinDesk, a single bitcoin on Saturday expanded its profits to a record $ 57,492. According to FactSet data, Bitcoin prices have so far increased by over 90% in 2021. For comparison: gold
+ 0.32%,
As a rival of Bitcoin, it will be around 6% in 2021. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average
+ 0.00%
The S & P 500 Index has so far gained almost 3% in the reporting year
is up around 4% and the Nasdaq Composite Index
+ 0.07%
rose by 7.7% over the same period.

Incidentally, Tesla shares have risen by over 11% since the beginning of the year.

The Wedbush analyst said it was not clear whether Tesla's Bitcoin move was a ploy consistent with Musk's perception as an iconoclast, but continues to believe that other companies are likely to be forced to follow suit follow and exchange part of their money for this bitcoins in the future.

“We still believe that less than 5% of publicly traded companies will go down this path until more regulatory targets are set for the crypto market, which is clearly gaining acceptance in 2021 and we believe that will have seismic effects on blockchain , Payments, Banks, and Semis in the Years to Come, ”wrote Ives.

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